This is how we start our days, every day. We ride to the beach, right after breakfast around 7.30 and spend a few hours. We do a surf check at the top of the headland, but we don’t go in for a surf – I couldn’t manage to have Noah on a surfboard and Finn in my arms. So we check the surf, report to dad and most afternoons when we go for our second beach round with the boards.

Mornings are for swims and playing in the sand.

Stacking Rocks

Finn keeps on stacking – he crawls around in the search for small rocks and brings them together, near where I’m sitting. He keeps stacking them, adjusting them, until, ohhhh yes, he finds the sticks! Just like Noah, Finn loves sticks. Rocks and sticks is heaven.

I put some sticks upwards on the sand and he pulls them out, again and again! Repetition King!

Later Finn uses his rock stack and his stick as a drum kit – definitely been watching Noah’s drumming performances

Heavy Lifting

Heavy lifting for kids is probably every parent’s best friend – I know that when Noah spends hours rearranging the beach and big rocks, he will come home and be keen for some lego or something like that – quiet and calm!

I often encourage him to pick the rocks from far, more walking, more exercise, more challenge – he likes it too!

Playing with the different rock sizes allows Noah and Finn to “work together” – Finn was in charge of the little rocks while Noah was manoeuvering the bigger ones – I love seeing them playing together!

At the end of the play I encourage Noah to put big rocks back were they were to keep the enviroment just like it was. It’s a win win situation, best for the environment and more heavy lifting for little man!

What’s inside our Beach Bag

We rarely bring any toys to the beach. We usually have our snack container that they use to play with the sand and water once they finish eating. The blue bucket on the photos we found on the beach so they played with it. We don’t bring shovels – I’m a great believer that children should resource their learning or their needs to what’s available in the environment around them. Noah often digs with a stick or uses his hands. Banksia cones become boats, cars or animals. Pandanus leaves become sails, plates, you name it.

Inside our bag you will find 2 towels, sunscreen, water bottle, a snacks container, hats, my phone. And that’s it.

Sometimes less is more, and by bringing less things to the beach we allow children to become more creative and explore resources in different ways.

This post is part of our Wonder School Adventure.


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