Bare Essentials Packing Guide For Dubai



Dubai is a luxury destination for an overseas trip, but if you have the money to go exploring, it can be a beautiful place to visit. It is an Islamic country, so be prepared to follow the appropriate customs. This might mean packing slightly differently to the way you would if you were travelling to any other country. You may have to pack heavier than usual, so you might have to purchase a new set of luggage in order to accommodate for this. If you are in this sort of predicament, specialists in luggage such as Luggage Direct can help you find exactly what you are looking for – just click here to see more. If you’re all sorted for luggage, read on for a guide to the bare essentials you will need for a holiday in Dubai.

Sun Protection

Dubai gets plenty of sun, and as a result, temperatures there can be quite high, regardless of the time of year. To this effect, you will definitely need to pack sun protection in order to be as sun safe as possible. This should include sunglasses, a wide brimmed hat, and sunscreen. You can purchase these while you are in Dubai, but it may be more cost-effective to take items from home. If you are especially cautious or prone to burning in the sun, consider packing some extra sun protection just in case.

Medicines and Toiletries

If you need to take particular medicines and toiletries with you when you travel, make sure they are not on the list of banned substances before entering the country. Pack the right types of medication so you can be as comfortable as possible without risking the wrath of the authorities there.

Appropriate Clothing

Appropriate clothing is a must in Dubai, but this does not necessarily mean covering up from head to toe. Dressing moderately is enough, so this usually means no bare shoulders or midriffs, and for clothing to cover the knees. For the ladies, a flowing skirt or loose fitting pants will allow you to still be dressed appropriately while keeping you cool. A pashmina or a thin cardigan is also advisable, as shopping centres and many tourist buildings are air conditioned. If you wish to visit mosques or religious areas, a headscarf is required for admittance. For men, the guidelines are quite similar. Pack linen pants and shirts that won’t retain sweat, and a light jacket or jumper just in case the air conditioning inside is a little too strong for your liking.
These are some things you need to pack for your trip to Dubai. Don’t let all the strict guidelines deter you from going – there is plenty to see and do here, especially if you appreciate a good shopping day and fine wining and dining. Get your packing done early so you’re not stressing at the last minute, and then enjoy your holiday!
Have you been to Dubai before? Do you live in Dubai? What do you consider to be essential items for a visit to Dubai? Leave your advice and thoughts down below.

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