Bangalow cares! It’s a plastic free village!!
The idea took hold late on night while Clare was surfing the Internet and discovered an inspiring global project to rid the world of plastic bags, called Morsbags: sociable, guerrilla bagging.
Clare started a local Morsbags project in Bangalow!!
Morsbags are shopping bags made from recycled fabric salvaged from op shops or donated materials. They are sewn by volunteers and then handed out free, yes FREE!! everyone can do it!!
WHILE placards and protests used to be the tools of trade for environmental activists, in Bangalow they use old sheets and curtains from an op shop.
Nowadays, we can’t get a plastic bag in Bangalow

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  1. Comment by mdsol

    mdsol Reply 31/10/2010 at 8:31 PM


    Que ideia bonita! És uma menina muito atenta a tantas coisas boas…


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