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I’m Sofia, a Portuguese native, who, quit my job, packed 20 kg of my life into a backpack and moved to Australia. I have been fuelled by my new life to experience more adventure rather than settle, pursing even more my desire to travel, explore and being outdoors. This blog aims to inspire, intrigue and encourage readers around the world to travel further, longer and wider and also to share my passion for an outdoor lifestyle.

Here’s Why Just About Everyone Loves Calgary

Located near the base of the Rocky Mountains at the junction of the Elbow and Bow Rivers, Calgary is a fantastic city to visit or to live. In fact, many are choosing to make a move, buying one of the Calgary homes for sale after falling head over heels. Why? These are just a few […]

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Little Rock

Neat Places to Eat in Little Rock

When traveling around the United States of America, several small towns and fantastic cities go unseen. Unfortunately, the bigger, more well-known cities such as New York and Washington D.C. cast a shadow over the smaller cities. As great as the more popular touristy cities may be, there are several neat attractions in smaller parts of […]

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Durham, NC

5 Things You Have to Do When Visiting Durham, NC

Durham is a city situated in North Carolina, USA, with a population of over 269,000. Welcoming many tourists to the city every year, there are plenty of fun things you can see and do when in Durham. Whether you’re heading to Durham with a partner, friends, or as a family, here are five things you […]

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5 First Aid Tips You Should Know in a Road Accident Emergency

Road accidents are one of the major causes of death. Every year, thousands of people in Australia die or acquire injuries due to road traffic accidents. Based on our latest national road toll data as of November 2020, there were 1,132 recorded road deaths. This is a decrease of a total of 3.7% from the […]

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5 Fabulous French Riviera Activities

Over the years, the French Riviera (or Cote d’Azur as locals call it) has attracted visionary artists like Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, and Paul Cezanne, thanks to the unique qualities of its light. And literary legends like Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald were also spellbound by the Riviera, the latter living here […]

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Benefits of Hiring a Fishing Charter

Who doesn’t love fishing? Fishing is the best hobby one could opt for to relax the mind. Planning to go on fishing with friends and family can be a great idea. You get to put your mind at ease and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Many people are interested in deep fishing and […]

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