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I’m Sofia, a Portuguese native, who, quit my job, packed 20 kg of my life into a backpack and moved to Australia. I have been fuelled by my new life to experience more adventure rather than settle, pursing even more my desire to travel, explore and being outdoors. This blog aims to inspire, intrigue and encourage readers around the world to travel further, longer and wider and also to share my passion for an outdoor lifestyle.
local eats paris

Local Eats | Paris

A mecca of heavenly pastries, flawless dishes, and an abundance of wine and cheese – Paris reigns supreme on my list of top cities to eat.  Each time, I return to Paris, I discover new dishes to fall in love with, new finds to be tasted and enjoyed during our time in Paris. Here are […]

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The 3 Best Asian Countries For Food Lovers

One of the best things about travel has to be sampling the local cuisine and trying out exotic new dishes that you’d never find at home. For a lot of people, it’s their priority when they’re picking a place to visit. If you’re the kind of person that chooses where to go based on the […]

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paris pocket precincts

Armchair Traveller | Paris Pocket Precincts

I have been to Paris a few times. The last time was last year, but after reading the Paris Pocket Precincts, I feel that I definitely need to go back and experience Paris and surrounds again, but this time almost like a local.  As the world’s most visited city, Paris is a place of boulevards, […]

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The Magical Gift | 3 Popular Crystals from 3 Varying Cultural Travel Destinations

It is customary to collect memorabilia every time we visit a new place and, oftentimes, we bring back a few collectible items for our friends and relatives too. Crystals are not just great memorabilia, but in cultures across the world, these natural stones are thought to possess magical healing properties that positively influence our lives […]

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A Guide: Creating Your Home from Home

You’re not the type of person that wants to remain in the same location your whole life. You’re a nomad through and through, and you like to hang your hat wherever the wind takes you. Being a keen traveller doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to forgo your homely creature comforts, though. You may not […]

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travel insurance

How to Protect Your Health on Holiday

Although holidays should be fun and relaxing, it is important that you take the necessary precautions before you go to ensure that your holiday runs smoothly. This includes protecting your health, especially if you have chronic or existing health conditions. In this article, the best ways to protect your health during and after your holiday […]

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