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I’m Sofia, a Portuguese native, who, quit my job, packed 20 kg of my life into a backpack and moved to Australia. I have been fuelled by my new life to experience more adventure rather than settle, pursing even more my desire to travel, explore and being outdoors. This blog aims to inspire, intrigue and encourage readers around the world to travel further, longer and wider and also to share my passion for an outdoor lifestyle.
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Cutural Awarness | When to use names of people and place and when not to

This article is relevant for those you are willing to travel in Australia. Using Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander names of people and places is not a problem when it is clear that this is allowed because your host (if you have one) has used the names or they appear on signs. Don’t get me […]

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How to Prepare A Memorable RV Vacation for The Family?

If you are planning an RV vacation for your family, click this article! It comes with 5 Tips for a family RV vacation that they will always remember. In an RV road trip, parents and kids can chill after a hectic week. However, children often energetic and dynamic, so they cannot stay still a long […]

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preparing your car for roadtrip

How to Get Your Car Roadtrip Ready

With summer, millions of people travel by car. It is necessary to check your car before leaving. So, this article will show how to get your car road-trip-ready. Showing how to get your car roadtrip ready will help reduce the risk of breakdowns and malfunctions for your vehicle. And, it ensures optimal comfort onboard and […]

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Creating Stunning Vacation Videos With The GoPro

Creating Stunning Vacation Videos With The GoPro

Summer is here and so are the vacations, with new destinations, ideas and plans to make the moments memorable. Such moments must be captured to enjoy later. All you need is a Go Pro camera and editing GoPro videos so that you can make the professional videos of your vacations. Go Pro is a light […]

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Getting A Good Night’s Sleep On A Road Trip

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential on a road trip – especially if you’re doing most of the driving. And yet it’s something many of us overlook. Here are just a few tips on how to sleep well during a road trip. Sleeping in your vehicle Choosing to sleep in your vehicle could save […]

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In The Search For Ochre

The conversation about The Salt Water People from the Bundjalung Country started over breakfast. Noah knows so much more about our local Indigenous culture, thanks to his Preschool and Nature Explorers. He loves finding out how Aboriginals used to live and were able to survive with just what nature gave them. He is fascinated by […]

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