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I’m Sofia, a Portuguese native, who, quit my job, packed 20 kg of my life into a backpack and moved to Australia. I have been fuelled by my new life to experience more adventure rather than settle, pursing even more my desire to travel, explore and being outdoors. This blog aims to inspire, intrigue and encourage readers around the world to travel further, longer and wider and also to share my passion for an outdoor lifestyle.
getting ready to travel

Getting Everything Ready Before Your Next Adventure

Your next travel adventure is going to be an exciting time. We bet that you are super excited and looking forward to this awesome trip that you are going on, but this doesn’t mean that you are ready just yet! You’ve got to make sure that you have everything you need before you can set […]

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A Guide to Creating a Relaxing Holiday Home

You have chosen to invest in a holiday home in Australia because you want to spend more time here. Holiday homes should be relaxing spaces where you can indulge in the finer things in life, with all of the highlights of the country in which you have chosen to buy property. To create a holiday […]

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Architectural Glory of Rajasthan Tourism

Rajasthan – the beauty of India which located in the northwestern part of India. Rajasthan is a geographical area that could fascinate you each second with the architectural glory of the state. A journey to this first-rate area is on every tourist’s want list. However, it desires to be deliberate with care and imagination. This […]

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Travelling in Cold Weather

Travelling in Cold Weather: Tips and Tricks

Going on holiday usually brings to mind sunny locales and days spent enjoying the surf and the beach, but that’s not the only type of travel this world has to offer. While travelling during the warmer seasons may be more popular, cold-weather travel can bring in its fair share of tourists too. An article by […]

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4 Steps to Preparing for the Trip of a Lifetime

Whether you are a frequent traveller or don’t get the chance to jet off as much as you would like, you should consider yourself lucky if you ever get the opportunity to go on a trip of a lifetime. Maybe you have always dreamed of going on a safari or to visit the Statue of […]

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InstaMeets | A complete guide

The first time I mentioned to someone that I was going to an InstaMeet, they looked at me as if I was an ogre. “what the heck is an Instameet?” It’s basically a great way for people within the Instagram community to meet each other in person and take photos together around one spot. We […]

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