Australia’s Best Spots for Whale Watching


Best spots for whale watching in Australia

Best spots for whale watching in Australia

Whale Watching is a unique adventure exclusive to the continent of Australia. However, to make the most of this amazing and overwhelming experience of viewing the enormous and magnificent creatures of the ocean, you need to head out to the right spots. Some of the best whale watching locations in Australia are mentioned below:

Sydney Harbour, NSW

One of the best locations to spot a Humpback or a Southern Right Whale is the Sydney harbour. The whales can be seen from mid May to late November, which is their migrating season. If you prefer to stay on land, go to South Head and watch the ocean for a whale sighting from The Gap.
In June, you can watch the calves in their full glory as they put up a show of their funny antics and play alongside their mums. If you take a cruise, use a hydrophone to listen to the haunting song of a male humpback whale. If you’re lucky, you will be able to sight Pilot, Pygmy, Orcas, Minke, False killer, or Blue Whales as well. Many cruise services offer day trips that take you out to the ocean for a whale watching experience.
Sydney offers marine life galore! In addition to whale watching, you can also opt for scuba diving to watch seals, green turtles and sea horses.

Cape Naturaliste, WA

The Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse can leave you speechless with its awe-inspiring and breathtaking sights of the Indian Ocean. You can either access the top balcony or the sheltered platform to watch the migrating whales swim along in the water.
The best time for whale watching is between September and December. You can also cruise out into the ocean for a closer view of the humongous creatures and enjoy a sunset on the boat deck. A friendly crew will keep you entertained and informed on board.

Hervey Bay, QLD

“Home of the Humpback”, as it is usually called, Hervey bay is a delight for marine life enthusiasts. You can watch turtles, dugongs, stingrays, dolphins and many tropical fish species along with the whales.
There is an annual whale watching festival every August that includes a wide variety of entertaining activities like workshops, carnival rides, live music and a parade. You can also go scuba diving to experience the underwater life of these marine animals.

Sapphire Coast (Eden, Merrimbula), NSW

The best time to sight whales in Eden is between September and November, when the creatures are returning south. If you want to stay on shore, go to South head or Green Cape to get a glimpse of these exotic mammals. You can also take a cruise into the ocean to view seals and dolphins along with the whales. Visit the Eden Whale Festival in November to enjoy music, street parades and satisfy your taste buds with delicious food and wine. Also, visit the Killer Whale Museum to see whaling gear, boats, nautical apparatus and interesting photographs of these amazing creatures.

Warrnambool, VIC

From the Logan Beach shoreline, you can catch a glimpse of the Blue whales and Southern Right whales as they migrate south. The best time to watch these whales is between June and October. They can be seen nurturing their young as they swim close to the shore. A viewing platform constructed on the shore gives a good view of the whales with their calves. The viewing platforms can be accessed easily and is free to visit. It offers a unique and calm whale watching experience.


Choose one of the amazing spots in Australia listed above, to experience whale watching at its best. Visit more tips on whale watching in Australia.

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