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The great Australian dream is varied and different for many, but one of the most common dreams Aussies from around the country really start to look forward to is travel. For some it is heading overseas, but for many of us the opportunity to take a step into our own backyard and really get to see just what we have to offer is a journey that can’t come soon enough. So get your maps out on the table, pens ready to go as we take a quick look at some of Australia’s best road trips! But before you hit the road, remember that the Australian terrain can be rough. Make sure you see a professional road warrior expert like HiTech Diesel to ensure a safe trip around the country.

 Not sure what route to take on your adventure around Australia? Read on to find out more on the best road trips to take around the country.

The Great South East


At just 740km, the journey up the South East Coast of Australia will leave you speechless. This route offers a unique and beautiful view of a diverse cross section of areas around the Sunshine State. From the sweeping and tropical-esque beaches of the Sunshine Coast, to the lush rainforests of Mount Tambourine. The South East region of Australia boasts phenomenal seafood, including prawns which can be found at Mooloolaba fresh-off-the-trawler. Through the hinterland regions, you’ll discover quaint villages, towering waterfalls, and an endless array of exotic and oh-so-cute wildlife.

A Sunburnt Country


From one side of the country to the other; for those after a true road trip experience you can’t pass up the Golden Outback of Western Australia. Travelers can enjoy both the beauty of the state as well as some of the finer things in life, including the Margaret River and its fine wineries. The nature lover will love the golden sand dunes, the picturesque beaches, towering cliffs and stunning nature that is truly unique to Perth & Western Australia.

The Chilly South


If trench-coats and faux fur are more your style, then perhaps you should trade the warmth of the west for the chill of the south. Travelling along the rugged coastline of South Australia is ideal for those on the lookout for stunning collections of Flora and Fauna. Your trip will take you from the Fleurieu Peninsula all the way to Kangaroo Island where you can meet some of the amazing wildlife. From lazy sea lions to cute koalas and majestic pelicans, your trip down south will be nothing short of unforgettable.

Whether you like your sunshine and beaches, or desolate deserts, plunging coastlines and tropical rainforests, there is always a road trip for you. It’s all about finding what excites and motivates you to travel and just how far you want to go to experience it. Remember to explore your options, know where it is you want to go and what you want to see, plan it all, open your eyes and ensure you never miss a thing.


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    Diesel Center Australia Reply 18/08/2015 at 4:47 AM

    Thanks for the great locations. We’re definitely rounding up some of the boys and checking out some of these locations in our next trip!

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