little joey!

little joey!


Back in the bad old days, going to a zoo or aquarium offered little more than the opportunity to stare at a series of forlorn-looking creatures in their enclosures.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Today, zoos, wildlife parks and farms across the country offer a variety of novel experiences.


On Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, there is a zoo. It sits on about 45 acres of lush rainforest with the Glasshouse Mountains and the Sunshine Coast hinterlands as a backdrop. Over 750 rescued, exotic, native animals and reptiles — including crocs, and lots of them — call it home. It is, after all, the home of the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin and the Crocodile Hunter Diaries


This is the Australia Zoo.

Australia zoo

Australia zoo

As you get in, your heart will stop just by looking at the huge and very slow tortoise… I need to admit that for a while there, I thought they were fake. They barely moved!  But the different paths lead you to different areas of the park, but somehow they all linked up, there’s a flow in this zoo.
But of course, you want to know about the crocodiles! And it is THE place to go to see them. The crocs are in an amazing arena– well let me explain… Imagine a soccer stadium. Now take the players out and the ball, put a lake in the middle with crocodiles and a man inside…. and let the show begin!

It’s seriously unbelievable. The keeper juggles around with meat and the croc just snapsand leaps away!
Spending a day in Australia Zoo, is defernitly a must to put down on your list!!


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