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“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”     — Oscar Wilde

armchair traveller
paris pocket precincts

Armchair Traveller | Paris Pocket Precincts

I have been to Paris a few times. The last time was last year, but after reading the Paris Pocket Precincts, I feel that I definitely need to go back and experience Paris and surrounds again, but this time almost like a local.  As the world’s most visited city, Paris is a place of boulevards, […]

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Armchair Traveller | Sky Runner

Finding Strength, happiness and balance in your running As you may already may know my dear dad is an absolute running addict- he doens’t just run every day, he is also the Editor of Spiridon Magazine (purely dedicated to running). He organises running races around the globe, mainly marathons and ultra-marathons. His passion for running […]

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go your own way

Armchair Traveller | Go Your Own Way

You can do anything. Sure you can do this. Travel alone can be your thing! Some travellers decide to go solo for educational purposes, pure personal transformation or just like me sometimes, pure necessity – you simply don’t know anyone keen to join you on your next adventure.  You might have finished university , quit […]

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the cruise handbook

Armchair Traveller | The Cruise Handbook

I am probably the most sceptical person about travelling on cruises. I love boats – especially sailing boats and I could easily travel around on a sailing boat, but there’s something about cruises that i just don’t fancy! But with a few family members totally addicted to this way of travelling, who am I to […]

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Camping with kids

Armchair Traveller | Camping with Kids

Every camping trip is exciting, especially when you take your family! But, for those of you who travel with children you will all remember the moment when, after days of preparation, you have finally loaded all into your car and start to drive. After what feels like 5 minutes, you hear the well known question […]

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africa Twenty chickens for a saddle

Armchair Traveller | Twenty Chickens For A Saddle

When I picked up from the bookshelf, ‘Twenty Chickens for a saddle’ I only read its tagline: The story of an African Childhood. I paid the book and left the bookstore in Kingscliff, NSW. Rode my bike as fast as I could, made a nice cup of coffee and read the whole book in two […]

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