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I’ve used many a Lonely Planet Guide when researching travel. But now, as I juggle motherhood and a passion to keep travelling, I know I need help! It was time to check Lonely Planet’s “Family-friendly travel without the fuss”, Lonely Planet Travel With Children.

travel with children lonely planet

On my travels, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to parenting on the plane. We have been lucky- so far so good with Noah, he gets easily entertained trying to open the table in front of his seat, lifting the armrest or trying to figure out how the seatbelt works…

The book provides good information to tackle a number of journeys, with health tips, options for a variety of holiday styles and a breakdown of destinations around the world (the bulk of the book). I love the practical tips on when to go, average costs, common foods in different countries they’ll love plus child-friendly things to do and see, along with some more adventurous options.

travel with children lonely planet

There are great suggestions covering Europe, even an outline from Argentina to Zanzibar as well as exotic destinations including Madeira, the Virgin Islands, Mongolia and Oman.

travel with children lonely planet

Each location has a double page spread full of really useful info for visiting with children.

As a final touch, there’s even pointers on what to do when you get back home. Children’s adaptability and the comfort of being in familiar surroundings can mask the fact this is another big change to a previous routine, so I liked Lonely Planet’s tips on how to prolong the holiday feeling with projects, as well as a reminder to take it slow on your return as well.

travel with children lonely planet

If you’re feeling limited by having a family, even this taste of what’s out there will get your wanderlust going again. It’s also a little bit dangerous as it’s making my travel bucket list grow substantially!

travel with children lonely planet

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