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The Armchair Traveller is back and ready to start 2017 with a book that takes you on a journey through every country in the world.

The beginning of the year is when we all start jotting down our dreams and start marking holidays on the calendar, so we could ask for a better book to help out everyone to choose their destinations for 2017!

the travel book

Usually the Armchair Traveller comes out right in the beginning of each month, however, my friends when I opened The Travel Book I knew I was in for some trouble…This Travel Book Edition is bigger, brighter and bolder than ever before and extremely heavy – but that should come as no surprise because it’s laden with descriptions and facts for every country in the world and is stunningly furnished with more than 800 photographs.

The odyssey starts in Afghanistan and circumnavigates the globe from A to Z, ending in Zimbabwe, and visiting every country in between.the travel book

Some images capture the spirit of a nation with the portrait of a local – an Algerian man in traditional dress crafting silverware, in one instance, or a group of fisherman in Sri Lanka operating on stilts.

Other countries are celebrated in their dramatic landforms – the Seven Sisters waterfall in Norway, the mountainous regions of Turkey and Japan’s pink blossom-shrouded Philosopher’s Path includedthe travel book

I am currently preparing our first  international adventure for a top secret, super exciting trip!! _ Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook profile for some hints where we are going.


Now we all know that planning is not my strength… reading The Travel Book help me to find out which books, music or films can help prepare further for the trip


the travel book



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