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I am probably the most sceptical person about travelling on cruises. I love boats – especially sailing boats and I could easily travel around on a sailing boat, but there’s something about cruises that i just don’t fancy!

But with a few family members totally addicted to this way of travelling, who am I to think it’s such a bad think without even experiencing it? 

I was pretty much convinced on embarking on a cruise but I chickened myself out. I thought would be better to do some “real research on the matter” before boarding onto a vessel.

So I started small and safe and got myself  “The Cruise Handbook” from Lonely Planet, laid on my hammock with a green juice and went smooth sailing through the book.

“There’s no travel category as polarising as the cruise, but actually, this is one form of travel that can accommodate all comers.”

I was hooked to the book. Hells, yeah! Polarising for sure: and all this time I have been in the bag of those who recoil with disgust.

But as i sailed through the pages my stale mind started to change as I was learning about the cruising world. 

This handbook is well organised and it moves from why you would cruise, to the different types of cruises, budgeting tips, inspirations and epic trips.

How to choose a cruise

4 things I have learnt with The Cruise Handbook:

1 | Cruises are not so Uncool as I thought

 The more I read about it, the more i think there is this myth around cruises. There are so many options tailored for ages, likes and dislikes that as Lonely Planet mentioned in the book, it’s probably the way of travel that accommodate more travellers! 

There are so many options and it’s very hard to not find one that sparks your eyes.

2 |Expedition Cruises are my category

I not even realised there was such a thing as cruise categories before i got this book. After reading through all the categories I really think I would love to embark on one of the many expeditions available. Imagine going to the ‘Top of the world” and explore the North Pole, or the Antartica, The Galapagos Islands… I reckon that would be an amazing experience and easier to make it happen on a cruise than  any other way.

cruising categories

3 | Be cruise smart

I have learnt how and where to find cheap deals, consider seasons based on the cruise destination and how to understand cruise lingo and etiquette!

4 | I better try one quickly

The book is full of inspiration that upon each page you just think about checking out all websites to find the next bargain to embark on! The idea of visiting the otherwise inaccessible jungle-fringed Polynesian islands or meet highland tribesmen in upriver Papua New Guinea got me thinking that I really need to try one quick. Or even just a short cruise to the Whitsunday Islands as a quick relaxing family holiday, while we wait for baby to come. As someone who is tired, hot, wobbling around with a big tummy, I think being on a cruise where everything is organised for you over a few days is such a beautiful concept!

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