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The Best Things In Life Are Free

I suck at deadlines. I should have started the ArmChair Traveller section on the first of August, but instead I’ve been reading and trying out some of the experiences written in the book that I am about to share with you.the best things in life are free

You know me well, over the past 6 years I have been sharing with you lots of experiences at a low cost or even free. Whether its trekking along New Zealand’s best tracks, swimming around Sydney rock pools, spotting glow worms or summarising ourselves into the Morocco cultureIMG_5529

In fact, quality experiences are not after all attached to a price tag!  So When thinking about what would be a great first book to share with you, I decided it needs to be this freshly published money saving guide by Lonely Planet.IMG_5530

The best things in life are free” is a beautifully designed guide wich helps us- travellers on a budget- to make the most of our trip. It is a book packed full of money-saving tips, tricks and recommendations for the best-value sights and experiences around the world. From parks, museums and exercise classes that are free, to insider ideas on food and experiences. There are many options that have been tried and tested to offer us great value. This book features over 60 major cities around the world and promises to help any traveler on a budget to make the most of his or her trip. It is a great excuse in so many ways to book your next trip!  IMG_5531


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