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I have been to Paris a few times. The last time was last year, but after reading the Paris Pocket Precincts, I feel that I definitely need to go back and experience Paris and surrounds again, but this time almost like a local. 

As the world’s most visited city, Paris is a place of boulevards, history and high culture. It is a bohemian wonderland with the trendiest shops and the latest go-to gourmet destinations. 

The guide focuses on the city’s best cultural hangouts, shops, bars and eateries and helps the reader navigate both side’s of Paris’s the Seine, monuments, little-known museums, shops and local cafes.

The book is easy to navigate and the imagery is absolutely Insta-worthy. The content takes you through Paris’s precincts and offers an overview of each city precinct before delving into the specifics of sights; shopping; eating and drinking. There’s even a section on ‘the perfect Paris day’.

paris pocket precincts

As well as selecting a number of day-trips to get you out of the city, the book has plenty of detailed maps to help you navigate in and out of Paris. If you have been to Paris, you’ll know how handy this is!

paris pocket precincts

This book is not just appealing to those who are planning to visit Paris. It has a beautiful offering for those seeking visual inspiration or design-freaks who want an insight into a city as diverse as this. We’re talking stationery stores, antiques, record shops, boutique shops, catacombs, art galleries, museums and more.

Hardie Grant Travel kindly sent The Paris Pocket Precincts guide to the Armchair Traveller mailbox.

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