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There is something literally fabulous and even miraculous about the act of eating…

When I can’t indulge my passion for travel , I grab a book and indulge in some armchair travelling. Living vicariously through authors who write about their experiences while living in or visiting a city makes me feel like I’m part of their journey, learning (and eating) right alongside with them. So I found an indulgent book about food from my dearest country -Portugal. Lisbon in 100 bites!

So while diners worldwide crowd Italian trattorias, French bistros and Spanish tapas bars, Portuguese restaurants abroad generally cater to melancholy emigrants seeking in vain to matar saudades (kill their longing) for mom’s home-cooked food.
Things are changing.
There is now a world trend about Portuguese cuisine…

lisbon in 100 bites

Zara is a Portuguese traveler and foodie, who has researched and compiled this guide, to serve as a starting point for travellers coming to Portugal. Lisbon in 100 Bites is not a listing of “where to eat” but, instead, an introduction to those items and dishes that are representative of what you are likely to come across around Lisbon.

lisbon in 100 bites lisbon in 100 bites

This Lisbon food guide includes a little background on our most iconic dishes, along with mouth-watering photos that will get your juices flowing. From well-known goodies such as Pastel de Nata and Seafood Rice, to those rare gems only locals truly know. Fried cuttlefish? Bread stew? A bacon dessert? Marinated pig’s ear salad? We cover that and more!

lisbon in 100 bitesUncomplicated and fun, Lisbon in 100 Bites will take travelers on a tasty journey around Lisbon!

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