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You can do anything.

Sure you can do this.

Travel alone can be your thing!

Some travellers decide to go solo for educational purposes, pure personal transformation or just like me sometimes, pure necessity – you simply don’t know anyone keen to join you on your next adventure. 

You might have finished university , quit your job or broke with a boyfriend and you need time for you and a challenge at your place. I always say the best thing to do after breaking up with someone is travel – That’s how I got to travel in Hungary and Serbia.

Go Your Own Way is a practical and aspirational book designed to help you take your first bold steps into solo travel, with tips on preparation, planning and safety, as well as inspiring and amusing tales from travel writer Ben Groundwater’s own experiences.

travel solo is possible

The world might seem like an intimidating place: a place where no one speaks your language, where no one knows your name and where no one is there to help; but the reality is very different. Travelling solo is empowering. It’s a way of seeing the world and having a good time, and realising you really are capable of amazing things. 

It’s hugely exciting to decide that you don’t need anyone else to make your dreams come true.The secret is to leave yourself open to these random offerings, to be able to recognise something new and something amazing and have the space to accept it.

tips on how to travel solo

Go Your Own Way well organised and easy to read, as you might figure out by the photos of state of my book – I took it with me everywhere for a week I just couldn’t stop reading it!

travel solo book

Solo travellers’ lessons that I relate the most:

There are far more resources than you think

There are so much information available nowadays that you can find out the ins and outs of every place before you go. It’s actually quite amazing how much details there are available on the internet!

You will not get robbed

Probably the most important message to send it out there: there is no conspiracy against you. The world is not likely to pursue your belongings. The odds of you getting robbed are quite slim. Follow a few basic steps to keep you and your belongings safe and you will be ok.

Best book about travel solo

Eating by yourself is ok

I remember how uncomfortable i was eating by myself the first time. There was this restaurant in Budapest that I really wanted to go to try out some delicatessen. I was alone. I remember walking up and down the street ‘to study’ the restaurant, look for the most secluded table to enjoy my meal.

After the first bite was all ok, I was sitting in a table facing the street window so I watch people of Budapest while tasting some delicious food. From that day on, eating by myself don’ts worry me at all – either get a good sit to do some people watching, read book, jot down in my diary and or simply just enjoy the meal.

This book is an inspiration…

The book details ten of the best cities to visit, as well as where ‘not to go’ on your own. As you may imagine I was thrilled to see my own city, Lisbon, featured on the book, but also to revisit some of the cities where i was and relate to Ben’s experiences

go your own way

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