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Every camping trip is exciting, especially when you take your family! But, for those of you who travel with children you will all remember the moment when, after days of preparation, you have finally loaded all into your car and start to drive. After what feels like 5 minutes, you hear the well known question from the backseat: “”When will we arrive?”

Kids and car rides


Children are not very patient passengers, so good entertainment is essential to pass the time during long car rides. But sometimes, it is hard to make up some spontaneous and good entertainment plans for the ride so it can be quite handy to take a closer look at useful handbooks.

As an enthusiastic traveller, camper, nature lover and even as a mother, I always look for the best travel hacks to make every single trip an unforgettable one. So, in the morning I really enjoy riding my bike to the bookshop to explore the latest book releases – this time there was one particular book, which really caught my attention: “Camping with Kids – Hundreds of fun things to do in the great Outdoors”. Thinking about planning a new camping adventure with my little man, I immediately decided that this book definitely had to join my book collection!

Sitting in my garden, listening to the birds singing, feeling the sunshine on my back and drinking a nice cup of tea – is there a better place to take my new book and learn some useful hacks I could put into practice the next time outdoors?


All you need to know about camping with children

Divided into seven chapters, this book is easy to read and so handy to use! Strategies of planning your trip, preparation check lists, exciting car ride activities, outdoor games, the most useful knots, the best fishing techniques and even yummy recipes to cook on you camp fire –  “Camping with Kids” offers more than 300 tips, activities, recipes, check lists and illustrations that will guide you through not only a safe but most importantly an enjoyable family trip.

Inspiration for new outdoor expeditions

Written by camper Simon McGrath, all those ideas are based on lifetime experiences so I, myself, can easily relate to many situations mentioned in the book. For me, it is very important to actively involve kids in all adventures – so why shouldn’t kids help with planning, too? Children use their own imagination in many ways but always like to have some inspiration beforehand and sometimes you don’t need to spend hours reading, just look at the pictures and right in that moment, hundreds of ideas will pop in your mind!

Camping handbook


Reading this book, I am imagining how exciting my upcoming camping trip will be and I am already looking forward to trying out the “Matchbox Challenge” and participate in the “Best bacon sandwich challenge” sitting in my folding camp chair the next time.

My little man loves to take a look at this book and he’s is surely becoming a happy explorer making his own compass, holding a map and using a GPS device the first time calling out for his friends!


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