For 96.4 percent of the population, more time is spent “not” traveling than actually traveling, although quite possibly 100 percent of the time is spent thinking about traveling.

Traveling is normally associated with taking long-haul trips and covering far distances, particularly for Aussies, where an 8-hour flight is a “short” trip. But travel can also happen right in front of you on an everyday basis if you open your mind to it.

Indulge in armchair travel

Become an armchair traveller. Armchair travel is fantastic because you can transport yourself to all kinds of amazing destinations, and find inspiration for your next trip, without spending a single cent.

Although I suppose all of those Lonely Planet guides do start adding up after a little while. Lose (or find) yourself in a travel book. These books have so far never failed  to make me want to book flights to a tropical island in search of my own “paradise.”

Armchair travel is an art. And because of that I have decided to open the Armchair Traveller section on the blog, where I will feature one book a month. A book  that inspires me on my travels… xx Sofiaarmchair traveller

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