Apartment Tour | Osaka, Japan


Step inside my apartment in Osaka for a moment. Welcome.

People are often intrigued where I stay while travelling in Japan. They are curious about the living space, wondering what it looks like. So here it is- a snapshot of my minimal apartment in Osaka.


I picked this apartment in Osaka because i love the clean and high quality approach. I know minimalism isn’t ideal for everyone, but when you travel I think it is absolutely brilliant!


The living space with hardwood floors and white ceilings had an open and airy feeling as soon as you enter, right through to the bedroom. It was not unlike something you’d see in a magazine.IMG_4619

My apartment in Osaka was a small one-bedroom apartment, right in the middle of Osaka and super close to the train station. At first, I wondered whether it would be a good location as it was literally in the middle of all the day and night action (and people of Osaka know how to party). I started to think twice as we made our way there- is this the right place to be with a baby? I wasn’t sure. Let’s fast forward this bit – I can tell you straight away that it was no issue. We had no noise at night, we even went for a wonder at night time with baby Noah and the atmosphere was just right. So, yes, this is a great family apartment. You are in the mix of it but don’t hear anything and the streets nearby are so safe. Thank you Japan for being so respectful and wonderful!


The elegance of minimalism transferred seamlessly into this apartment.

The apartment was brighter during the day, it’s quiet for when I want to write and with a great restaurant (you can do take away) just around the corner of the building (literally), we couldn’t ask for anything more.


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