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We had a long haul flight from Australia. What seemed a blessing, felt like a curse 10 hours in on a 14 hour straight flight…

I had tried to entertain Noah with every trick I could muster and thought he was used to sleeping in planes after his previous naps through turbulent storms, however, he was so excited, he slept 30 minutes during this whole flight. We landed in Vancouver and went straight to our connecting flight to Edmonton! None of us wanted to board this hour flight! It was a challenge.airbnb edmonton

This being said, we had planned to make sure we had an apartment at our stop that was luxurious, easy to get to and allowed us to really relax. After searching on Airbnb, we found the perfect spot- dark curtains, big, comfy bed were high on the list. I still had planning to do for what we were going to see and do, and after being cooped up in a plane, I was looking forward to a spacious and airy long room to do some writing and planning.

airbnb edmonton

The lounge area exceeded my expectations. I loved the view out to the river and the comfy seating options between chairs and sofa for me to feel inspired while I drank my coffees (yes, plural) and late-night tea. I was a little bit taken back having arrived from Australia and seeing these large chunks of matter floating down the river. Paul saved me any embarrassment as I wondered how environmentally-conscious Canada could allow such debris to be floating down a main river as he reminded me of the melting of all that snow taking place during Spring…

The host, Caitlin was awesome. She made sure we knew how to access the place and had given us a little list of things nearby and a coffee ready for our morning start. The trendy wooden flooring matched with contemporary furniture showcased the blend between minimalist and modern that she captured throughout this apartment.

If you have been to Edmonton, you will understand. This apartment was warm (very important) in design and comfort. It was the perfect space to relax and take in a new location, while enjoying the great views.

Main features

The kitchen not only looks amazing, it also makes for a wonderful cooking experience with the river views. I won’t lie, I am not someone who enjoys cooking, but with an adjoining bar, great counter top and modern artworks on the walls, I was able to relax and enjoy this experience with Paul and Noah part of the experience in the lounge area.

It is perfect for those looking to stay close to the city, yet still have a little space away from the noise that comes with the main street.

airbnb edmonton

The apartment has 2 large bedrooms, both large, private and feel luxurious. The main bedroom has an ensuite, including large bath/spa. There is a large living room space that has separate areas for chill-out/entertaining and another that can be used for watching TV. The open plan with kitchen area is perfect, especially as you can easily connect your music. and open kitchen, an ensuite and a bathroom. The balcony is also a great feature, and while I didn’t get out there for too long, it would definitely be nice to enjoy this space come late Spring/Summer, or maybe for an extended period if you are Canadian.

airbnb edmonton


Find out more

You can find out more about our apartment, here.

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