Adventure Activities In The Land Down Under


If you’re heading to Australia for a vacation, you should definitely be thinking about taking an adventure. People go to Australia for a huge variety of reasons but many heads over there in search of excitement and exhilaration. Well, if you’re looking for it, you’ll find it. Here are a few of the most awesome adventure activities you can experience in this breathtaking part of the world.


Sand Duning

Australia’s golden coast has many wonderful features but would you believe that one of the best is the sand dunes. There are breathtakingly high dunes around some parts of the coast that look absolutely wonderful, but that’s not what makes them so darn fun. You can actually hire a sand buggy and go nuts. This rather unique thrill ride is called duning, and you might want to head out with someone experienced before trying it on your own. Sand duning involves jetting across the mountains of gold in a vehicle that scrapes the surface of the ground but has enough power to send you flying. That’s right, rolling around on these dunes, you could definitely get some air.

If you want to explore the dunes without the engine behind you, you might want to try sand surfing. It’s like a mixture of surfing, sledging and skateboarding with no way to brake and it is very popular in some parts of Australia.

Sand Duning australia

Surfing The Golden Coast

Of course, if you want to experience something like surfing, why not opt for the real thing? Australia is one of the most popular parts of the world for surfing, due to the hot climate and the monstrous ocean waves. Saw through the air and feel what it’s like to fly before coming crashing down. You probably won’t stay upright for that long, but that’s all part of the fun. Have you never surfed before? You have two options? Head to one of the many surf pools or perhaps take lessons with a pro on one of Australia’s beautiful beaches.


 Surfing The Golden Coast

Explore The National Parks

If you’re a nature lover, you could explore the national parks that the country has to offer. Make sure you buy a set of Binoculars if you want to spot some of the native animals like a kangaroo. Careful not to get too close though because a kick from a Kangaroo will kill a man. Still, it is quite incredible to watch them bounding around, and these creatures certainly aren’t the only one that you should watch out for in the outback. If you are heading into the wild make sure that you do look into Australian 4WD hire 4×4 rentals. That way, the road won’t get too bumpy, and you’ll still have a comfortable trip out there.

australian national  parks

The Great Barrier Reef

Finally, head away from the coast and out onto open waters to explore the great barrier reef. Colourful sea floors, exotic fishes and majestic sea turtles all lie beneath the surface of the water, waiting to be discovered.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience your own adventure in Australia sooner rather than later.

 The Great Barrier Reef

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