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Across the world, there’s an increasing interest in holidays that quicken the pulse. Whether this means hurling yourself out of a light aircraft or safariing far from any sign of humanity, these holidays rarely require the wallet full of cash that luxury pulse-slowing holidays demand. Indeed, all you really need to plunge into your chosen wilderness is a getaway vehicle, a tent and (most importantly) an uncontrollable itch for adventure. However, easing your purse-strings slightly can make a huge difference in unforgettable intrepid holidays. Read through this quick guide for those adventure accessories that are guaranteed to enhance your walk on the wild side.



To leave the crowds and experience the untainted natural splendour of your long-anticipated escape, you’re going to need a car that can go the distance on any terrain and fit in all your adventure gear to boot. Whether carving into snowy mountains or cruising along dusty coastal tracks to find your own private slice of nature, you’ll enjoy the reliability and space provided by the likes of this reliable Isuzu for sale with the bells and whistles you’re after for a truly memorable trip.



Replenishing energy levels between hikes, cycles, and – why not? – paragliding jaunts, suitable equipment for muscle-soothing sleeps is a must. Happily, with all the savings you’ve made on airfares and hotels, you’ll be able to splash out on a few luxuries beyond a simple tent. An airbed, compact pillow, and fit-for-a-king canvas tent makes all the difference when establishing your little home under the stars.



There’s a real pleasure in returning to your Neanderthal roots and cooking with fire. Far from robotically cooking microwave meals, cooking outdoors is the perfect end to a day purged of the day-to-day domestic luxuries that seem counter to adventure. Whether you’re staying in a campsite or in a protected wildlife reserve, it’s best to pack a reliable camping stove like a Trangia which won’t break the bank, nor your back if hiking, but is an investment for life! Or, if you’re planning on going full caveman with a fire, packing a grill to balance over the flames will prevent pots and pans from smothering the flames!


Making the Memories Last

Your best friend cancelled on the trip last minute? Show them what they missed with some gorgeous snaps from the deepest and most beautiful corners of the wilderness. Whether you’re a budding wildlife photographer or you just want to try something new, using an old-style SLR camera is a hands-on and fun accessory for any trip. Cast aside battery worries: you won’t be using electricity as digital cameras and smartphones do. There’s even a wonderful and adventurous element of surprise when you get your film developed! If you need more reasons to embrace manual photography, professional photographer Mark Maio explains why more millennials are turning to film photography instead of digital!

While the spirit of adventure sometimes embodies a feeling of leaving traditional holiday costs and comforts behind, there’s no reason not to invest in small but meaningful accessories that’ll help you go the distance, savouring every last minute of your trip.

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