ABVP | The Beginning of a New Travel Bloggers Association


Today a new journey has started. 

ABVP – Associação de Bloggers de Viagem Portugueses (Portuguese Travel Bloggers Association) is born.

It all started when a bunch of Portuguese travel bloggers based all around the world, agreeing to share their desire, passion and commitment to continue improving their blog and reach a larger community of interested readers. We were eager to establish a group to enable us to share our interests, empower each other as bloggers, tourism identities and our readers. 

We want to create a hub of inspiration and useful tools for travel bloggers to share and increase their knowledge. At the same time, we wanted to create a platform for tourism bodies and the travel industry so they can better understand how to work collaboratively with bloggers while maintaining high ethical standards and quality content for readers. In a nutshell, ABVP association is on a mission to improve influencer marketing in the travel industry through research, professional development, networking, and advocacy of ethical conduct and professional best practices.


The association welcomes any Portuguese travel bloggers who are committed to ethical and high quality content to provide quality for their readers.

Readers will be able to identify blogs that belong to the association through a certified digital stamp visible on the blog’s home page. The logo ensures readers that blogs with with ABVP embrace and honour our strict code of ethics and standards.

We hope to share this journey with many more travel bloggers to create better content for you! Its exciting times ahead, trust me!

The founders of this association are:

Filipe Morato Gomes:  Alma de Viajante

Ruthia Portelinha: Berço do Mundo

Rui Barbosa Batista: BornFreee

Pedro Henriques: Espírito Viajante

João Leitão: João Leitão Viagens

Sofia Machado: Sofia in Australia

Marlene Marques: Surfer Girl on the Move

Carla Mota: Viajar entre viagens

Catarina Leonardo: Wandering Life

Para mais informações:

ABVP – Associação de Bloggers de Viagem Portugueses

Site: www.abvp.pt

E-mail: info@abvp.pt


  1. Comment by Ruthia Portelinha

    Ruthia Portelinha Reply 02/03/2019 at 8:34 PM

    Very proud to be part of this. We are stronger together. Portuguese travel bloggers really need to start networking.
    Big hug. Muitos beijinhos

  2. Comment by Marlene Marques

    Marlene Marques Reply 03/03/2019 at 12:57 AM

    So glad to be with you in this new adventure! It’s a real challenge and I’m sure we’ll take travel bloggers work into a new level. Let’s do this! 😉

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