Carnarvon Gorge is stunning, partly because it’s an oasis surrounded by drier plains and partly because of it scenic variety, sandstone cliffs, moss garden, deep pools, rare plants and plenty of wildlife. But for me, what was really the highlight of this national park was to be able to see Aboriginal rock art.


This is a spiritual place where the Traditional Custodians of the Land hold and pas on creation stories that bring a meaning to this landscape.

Listening to the Elder of the Bidjara people explain the paintings was absolutely magical.. Been there standing next to the engravings, ochre stencils and free paintings and listen to the Bidjara people story gave me goosebumps…


The Bidjara people developed stencil art in the Carnarvon area to a level not found elsewhere in Australia.
Thinking that this rock art goes back at least 19 000 years and it is still so well preserved in open air..
Rock imagery has symbolic meaning and purpose, found in sites where important and sacred rituals were performed. Here was a place for birth rituals and “women’s business“…
You can feel a spiritual connection to the land…

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