Narawntapu National Park. With no ideas where to sleep I scanned quickly the map and saw this green patch and thought what a curious name…

Narawntapu National Park

Narawntapu National Park

What a great option. We arrived with our tummys rumbling for some food, we looked for a spot to park and eat with a view.


Walking on a path (without knowing where to) that meanders through a paper bark swamp forest that led us to a bird hide – this was a great opportunity to spot wild swans and other water birds in the lagoon. But we wanted a better view, we knew somewhere in this national park we would get a greater and better view.

A wombat just going pass

A wombat just going pass

We headed to the summit and there it was – a superb view over Bakers Beach, Badger Head and beyond.
With our restaurant booked, we sat alone admiring the view and loving our masterchef picnic! A cool water splash before soaking up the sun was the perfect end to this great place.

top of Bakers Beach - Tasmania

top of Bakers Beach – Tasmania

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