Beach hut in Yamba

Beach hut in Yamba

You know what I love about blogging? You can do it pretty much  anywhere.

And the beauty is if you’re traveling, the content gets better and more exciting/interesting/colourful when you are away from the usual home environment. The mood to blog can hit you anywhere, at any time.

You may think as you run through the “international” aisle in the supermarket. But what location provides for optimal blogging conditions?

If I am at home, I usually like to do it outside – like right now- I am writing this post fat the beautiful lighthouse at Fingal Head!


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. My interpretation is slightly different. A picture deserves a thousand words! Well, not exactly a thousand! When I am outside magic happens, ideas rumble around in my head and I can feel inspiration coming from everywhere.  The picture or experience itself comes first and the words flow with it… Who am I to run away from inspiration?

writing while Paul drives… Writing while on the road saves time to enjoy the next destination

Finding the place to write seems just important for me as the words I actually put down, especially if I am reliving a great trip which usually involves being in the nature. Like the images themselves, some stories directly describe the images and the experiences associated with them while others have connections that are less literal.

bloggers life

my home office

Lately I have found inspiration when I am sitting in the beach huts made out of drift wood that line the beach. I love the ocean and prefer the beautiful weather than  being indoors. And who can blame me? As I sit here the sound of the ocean changes with the tide on the rocks. The sun moves across the landscape as the hours pass by, creating new shapes and shadows on the sand dunes and hills behind me. The breeze is a welcome reprieve as I enjoy the final hours of daylight after a warm summer’s day. It all makes sense… The words flow quickly- just the way I like it! Now I will get back to it and enjoy my beach…

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