A New Post-Burial Option Taking Off Down Under


A cremation diamond is a natural choice to honour your loved one. Some Australians ask others who show to them these memorial diamonds, what they are and how special are they to them. Well, cremation diamonds are here to share stories of people who matter and left us, to provide emotional support and comfort to their friends and families.  

The process of turning your loved ones’ ashes into cremation diamonds

In case you are considering cremation, you may not need to scatter the ashes or keep them in the urn in some building but there is a better way to keep the ashes of that precious person. Turning ashes to diamond is as valuable as the memory of a life it keeps. This is the belief at LONITE, a Swiss company that makes it possible. Have the ashes of your loved one turned into a beautiful precious stone at a relatively affordable price?  

The process of turning ashes to diamond requires a few steps that is, retain the ashes. To oxidize the other elements except for carbon, the ash is then heated with a temperature of about 5000F and pressure of about 800,000 pounds per square inch for over three weeks. Specialists place a seed of diamond and a metal catalyst with the graphite and take it back to heat under 2500F. They then put the rough graphite in a facet for shaping. This process is a replication of the synthetic method of making ordinary diamonds, the heat and pressure and a lot of time is what you need to have a cremation diamond ready.

How to get a cremation diamond in Australia

Before placing an order for your diamond, make sure you are familiar with the cremation diamond process and that you have chosen the right company to do it. People interested in having a cremation diamond must understand the pre-requisites and know what to expect as they acquire the chosen jewel for their departed ones.

In just three steps, the memorial diamond is yours.

Considering your unique choice of the cremation diamond and specifications of colour, size and cut, at Australian price of at least A$ 2,900 you can own your desired diamond.

The order is then accepted with the issuance of an order ID and a free ashes or hair submissions kit with Zipped containers on meeting the conditions in the order form.

The required ashes or hairs must be submitted following the shipping guide you are provided with. Lastly, at least 50% of the payment is required and the other 50% to be cleared on delivery of the cremation diamond. The entire process after confirmation takes an average of approximately 6 months to 9 months.

These cremation diamonds are not entirely for humans, they can be for your pets too. You can now personalise the memory of your dog, cat, horse or any other pets you may have lost to death. .

The Beauty of turning ashes into diamonds

Besides the ravishing diamonds and the glitter, you know for a fact that the person who once lived is in there. Sounds scary but it is special. It saves a lot of space, the only space you might need is on your finger or a glass box to keep it when you don’t wear it.

It is also cheaper than the traditional cemetery burial which will cost you thrice or more the cost of turning ashes into diamonds. The cremation diamonds method is a great alternative to honour human life as the environment we live in is being step by step congested and destroyed.

This is why cremation diamonds are more and more appreciated by many and are on the rise in Australia. For many people, talking about death can make them cringe by having the thought that their loved ones are gone for good. Many post-burial alternatives are available in 2018, besides cremation diamonds such as: Ashes into a Reef, Resomation or Memorial Trees. They are worth considering rather than letting the ashes of your departed loved ones sleep in an urn.

Death is a must sudden occurrence to everyone, therefore having a funeral trend on turning ashes into diamonds will keep them closer and never forgotten. Cremation diamonds are a mobile tangible memory of your beloved one. Take a leap of faith and see how special it feels to have a piece of your beloved person.

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