A Guide To Safe Camping In The Outback


There are lots of things to do in Australia, and one of the most fun is to have an adventure in the outback. This is because the outback is a fascinating and beautiful region of Australia; it takes up the vast majority of the continent, even though less than 10% of the population live there, and it is home to a wide range of plants, animals and stunning natural features.

Yet despite its beauty, it is important to take safety in the outback seriously. The area is home to lots of dangerous insects and animals, and while it is known for being very hot, certain areas drop to freezing temperatures at night time. If you’re thinking about taking a trip to famous Australian desert land, here are a few tips to make sure you stay safe while you camp in the outback.


Prepare A Camping Itinerary

The outback is truly massive, so you should use recent maps to prepare a camping itinerary to take with you. This will reduce the chance of you getting lost while you are driving around, and it also means that you are less likely to set up camp in an area with dangerous animals. You should also give a copy of your camping itinerary to a friend or family member, so if they don’t hear from you they can alert the authorities to your expected location.


Bring The Right Supplies

You will obviously need to bring non-perishable food and water with you, but it is essential that you bring enough water. You should always have at least one litre on you, and you should aim to drink at least 250ml every 30 minutes so you stay hydrated. You should also bring a lightweight backpack that is big enough to carry everything you need, as well as hiking boots, a sun hat, sun tan lotion, a tent, a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat. You many also need a permit if you want to travel though Aboriginal lands or conservation parks.


Be Aware Of Local Issues And Wildlife

There are lots of outback specific things you should consider during your trip; for instance, bush fires are very common in the outback, especially in hot, windy weather. For this reason you must be extremely careful with any open fires (including cigarettes). You should also avoid driving in the dark, as emus and kangaroos often jump across the roads and it is very difficult to see them.

The outback is a beautiful, fun place for a camping trip if you properly prepare for the trip. Make sure you have everything you need before you set off, including the right supplies and a clear camping itinerary.

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