A Guide to Finding Public WiFi in Sydney



Out and about in Sydney and looking for a place to settle down and get some work done? Or are you traveling to Harbour City and looking for the best place to Instagram that selfie of you and your travel bud in front of the Opera House?

Good news: getting some free access is easy, so you don’t have to wait for those little “likes” to come rolling in.

Between frequenting your favorite cafes, being a loyal customer, getting creative and more, it’s a breeze going from zilch to full bars in the city, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Here are my picks for getting the good connection:

Know what businesses have free WiFi

Starbucks and fast food chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King are givens; these kinds of places always offer free WiFi to customers. This trend though has picked up in Sydney, and almost all cafes and bars (so you can update Tinder) are offering free WiFi, such as Il Centro Espresso Bar, Downing Cafe, Velvet Slide, Eastern August Moon and more.

But if you’re tired of coffee and are just looking for a place to send a quick email, you can also pick up on other hotspots around the city—trains stations, such as Circular Quay Station, and many of the ferry ride route provide free WiFi for the first 30 minutes. Before long, fingers crossed, there will be citywide internet to tap into!



Check out loyalty programs

Even if you’re not staying in a particular hotel or shopping at a specific place, sometimes they offer perks when you sign up for their loyalty programs, and free WiFi can be one of those perks. If it’s free, why not, right? My only advice is to get some strong ad blockers; sponsored web usage can get spammy fast.



Download the apps

There are many apps that find the good WiFi for you, and most of them do so without the help of the WiFi you’re so desperately looking for. Wi-Fi Finder App is a good one, and it’s available for both iPhones and Android. Free Wifi Map gives you connections and shows you how to get there depending on where you are (so even if you’re unfamiliar area you won’t get lost looking for the hotspot). Osmino WiFi allows for users to rate the connection, so you can avoid slow load times. And Fing gets you the down low on router information, so if you have the skills, you can connect instantly.



Tap into your provider’s network hotspots

If you have a home connection, such as Comcast, it’s possible that you can tap into connection hotspots in public using your own login information. Companies are bringing out technologies that turn at-home or business routers into public hotspots as well as private connections, so check your ISP to see if they offer free hotspot networks that you can tap into outside of the house.



Protect your devices

Once you’ve found the WiFi, now you’ve got to make sure your surfing is secure, and there’s a couple of different ways to do this.

You can go the traditional McAfee, Norton or some other security program route, or you can download a VPN to sort out the riff raff for you. VPN’s work by securing your WiFi connection and guaranteeing that anything you’re transferring over the network is encrypted. It’s an easy way to keep other users of your WiFi connection from hocking your credit card numbers, private messages or, worse, Facebook password (kidding!).

The best part: it’s easy to find one that works for you and even easier to get started.


Try MAC spoofing

Once you’ve gotten your free WiFi, it’s a breeze—unless you’ve got a time limit on your access (then it can be a bit of a pain). But with a little bit of help of a MAC spoof, and as long as you don’t have too much of a conscience, you can get around time limits pretty easy (don’t worry, it’s legal if you complete the process using Windows).

It’s a process that might take a couple of tries to get right, but here’s a step by step guide to get you to the promised land: unlimited free WiFi!

Once you’re settled with good WiFi, it’s easier enjoy the rest of your day, so heed my tips and let me know how it goes!

Are you a frequent WiFi user in Sydney? Got any tips I missed here? Share them in the comments below and happy surfing!



About the Author: Jess Signet is an avid traveler and enjoys writing about her adventures. Knowing there’s more to the world than the bubble she lives in makes her want to travel even further. Traveling is her drug, and she’s addicted. (Please, no intervention!)

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