A Guide: Creating Your Home from Home


You’re not the type of person that wants to remain in the same location your whole life. You’re a nomad through and through, and you like to hang your hat wherever the wind takes you.

Being a keen traveller doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to forgo your homely creature comforts, though. You may not live with your parents anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a home for yourself wherever it is you venture to in the world.

To find out how you can create your perfect home from home, make sure to check out the guide below.

Make it a sanctuary

For you to truly feel comfortable in your home away from home, it needs to feel like a sanctuary. It has to become a place in which you feel safe and protected from the outside world — no matter where you go in the world; you’re always going to crave this kind of security. Anything less, and you’ll just feel homesick.

To make your new place a sanctuary, first and foremost, you’re going to need some privacy. You’re not going to feel at all safe or protected if others are allowed to disturb you throughout the course of each day. In this instance, then, you might want to consider having specialist blinds fitted. There are a number of blinds and awnings companies across Australia capable of providing such a service, Miles Ahead Blinds & Awnings being one of them — should you have one at the back of your residence, Miles Ahead will even fit outdoor blinds for your pergola. Being able to shut yourself off from the rest of the world in this manner, means you can recharge your batteries in comfort. As a result, you’ll always feel enthused to see all you can of the location you are currently calling home.

Fill your place with candles

A cost-effective way to go about making your new place feel homely is to fill it with candles. Place them on trays, put them at your bedside, place them on your dining table — whatever part of your home you choose to light them up in, candles will be sure to make the area feel cosy. As a result, you will start to feel like you are actually living in your home, not just a house you are renting for the time being.

Display your worldly belongings

No matter what worldly belongings and personal treasures you’ve ventured halfway across the world with, put them on display in your new residence. Whether they’re photos of your family, books that you love, or pieces of art that you bought back home, having these in your house will be sure to make you feel more at home. 

Regardless of how long you stay in your home from home, to avoid that dreaded feeling of homesickness, you’re going to want to take the above advice. By doing so, you’ll be sure to feel comfortable and secure in your new place in no time. Whatever you do, however, just don’t get too comfortable, as that might stop you from travelling the globe!

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