A Few Good Pieces Makes A Home


home sweet home

It is a well loved but perhaps tired cliche that home is where your heart is. And being away?

Well being away can be a personal choice, one made as a pragmatic decision to find a job or to seek adventure.

Whatever the reasons that creates the feeling of a home, wherever you live no matter the reasons or length you are there, the area always becomes an extension of your personality. The home more than just something pretty to look at but a story  or series of chapters from the things that you love—whether they are useful, beautiful, have positive personal meaning, or just make you feel good.

Doesn’t matter which country or city. Your home becomes part of you and put together well can inspire you every day to live the life you dream of and aspire to.

This may sound obvious, but when you take a close look around your home, you might be surprised to find that you’re living with things that bring your energy down rather than inspire and lift you up.

Be choosy. Don’t buy tech goods, furniture, trinkets or homewares just because other people have them or they’re on sale. Give your house meaning, personality and functionality by taking your time with big and small decisions alike. Choose only what you love and what suits your style of living.

Keep old treasures, keep meaningful things but move the other things on to recycle for others. Make it pretty. Decorate with affordable or even homemade art, old or new pictures, cherished books and comfortable furniture that  will make you happy but don’t cost the earth. Sentimental pieces from children, friends and travels burst great memories and a joyful vibe.

Head in to shops like Super A-Mart for just a few good pieces and feel the warmth regardless of where you are or how long… Set up some blinds and lamps to create the extra warmth. Finish it off with some plants to sorround in your room. After all, science supports what we’ve long suspected – that flowers and greenery really do improve feelings of wellbeing. By filling your garden or balcony with fragrant and colourful flowers, you’ll be investing in a happy home.


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