9 Things Newcastle People Love About Their City


 Two hours north of Sydney, the city of Newcastle was once best known for its BHP steelworks, coal mines and perhaps a little grunge band called Silverchair.

Fast-forward to 2016 and the once industrial Newcastle has transformed into a bustling multicultural city, the seventh biggest in Australia, filled with boutique bars, cafes, shops and postcard-ready beaches.

What makes Newcastle lovable? Why do we connect emotionally with some places and not others? Thinking on this I decided to spend the afternoon speaking with 3 people from Newcastle, Cody, Matt and Jo, to find out  the “secret sauce” of what makes Newcastle such a successful place and why they love their city.

They love their beaches

Like most coastal towns across Australia, the people of Newcastle pride themselves of their many beautiful beaches. The city is surrounded by water, with the harbour to the north of the city centre and the Tasman sea to the east and south. Whether you like fishing, surfing, swimming or even just claiming your nice patch of sand there is a beach that suits you.

They love their surf

Newcastle bred several of world suf champions like, Luke Egan, Mark Richards and Matt Hoy. No wonder every year the Newcastle Beach hosts Surfest, one of the biggest surfing events in the circuit.

They love music and arts

Newcastle has a thriving independent music and art scene, and is also home to many rock exports such as the Silverchair. There are lots of venues around town that play live original music of all types. With so many options, I ended up getting a copy of the Drum Media at one of the local music stores – here there a list of all the gigs happening in town.
Around town there’s also a heap of art galleries showing all kind of work from students to touring exhibitions. I strongly recommend going to The Lock Up, for some ‘in your face’  exhibitions that are provocative and controversial.(I will write more about this place on the next post, so good!) This is the place to get a good dose of culture for free!

They love their nightlife

Its a great recipe – large amount of international and national students, cheap drinks, great music and a heap of competing and promotions. Yes Newcastle is a great spot for party special on Wednesdays, students nights, the prices drop and the the town gets busier than a Friday or Saturday.
nightlife newcastle

They love their wine

The Hunter Valley is the oldest wine growing region in Australia, there are over 100 wineries and cellar doors open for tastings. As well as red, white and dessert wines, ports and liqueurs, there are plenty of other evil temptations such as handmade cheese, bread, fudges and chocolate. I would love to take a hot air balloon fly over the valley, but it didn’t happen this time. You can also do tasting tours, ride around in a horse drawn carriage or wander around the magical Hunter Valley gardens.

They love their history

newcastle was first settled by Europeans in 1797, and is Australia’s 2nd oldest city. At one time Newcastle was the principal convict settlement in Australia, and was founded in 1804 as a place of secondary punishment for convicts.
the historic heart of the city is valued for its number of historic buildings, and the eastern parts of the city particularly reflect Newcastle’s significant cultural history. There are numerous of archeological sites preserved, and they can tell us about the convict period, about indigenous ways life and how the city has evolved.
the lock up

They love their Aboriginal past

Newcastle and the Hunter region is the traditional country of the Awabakal and Worimi People. The tribal name of Awabakal comes from ‘ Awaba’ the Aboriginal name for Lake Macquarie. The Land of Awabakal proved an abundant supplier of resources for its inhabitants. the different environments of the lake, marshy swaps, coast and bushland provided the Awabakal People with sufficient food throughout every season. The Awabakal People defended their heritage, land and waterways in the Hunter region against the British colonisation throughout the 19th century.
Aboriginal newcastle

They love The Knights!

Newcastle just wouldn’t be the same without their local NRL Rugby League team, The Newcastle Knights. This weekend the game was against The Tigers, from bumper stickers and local advertising, to entire houses painted in red and blue, and the people are not afraid to show of their love for the team! .the knights supporters


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