8 Incredible Winter Activities to Try in Canada


If you are heading to Canada this winter, the first thing to say is that you’d better wrap up warm as the Canadian winter is renowned for its sub-zero temperatures and plenty of ice and snow. 

Of course, this also means that the country becomes a haven for winter sports enthusiasts who are looking for some adventure. Take a lot of warm layers and head out into the stunning landscape to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Your alternative is to stay cooped up inside for much of your trip, so it’s worth giving at least one of these 8 incredible winter activities a try. 

1 | Snowboarding and/or Skiing

The most well-known choices are snowboarding and skiing, as Canada is home to many of the world’s best snowboarding and skiing destinations including Whistler in British Columbia and Mont-Tremblant in Quebec. There you’ll find luxury resorts amidst snow-topped mountains straight out of a fairy tale. 

You’ll need to make sure you’ve bought the right clothing and equipment so you stay safe out there. Board It sell snowboard clothing online if you want to take a look at your options.

2 | Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is a challenging but thrilling activity which is best suited to people with a high level of physical fitness. When the waterfalls and ice slopes of the Canadian Rockies, Bow Valley or Stanley Headwall freeze they provide an irresistible climbing challenge in the breath-taking scenery. 

3 | Ice Fishing

Less strenuous but nonetheless popular activity is ice fishing. A hole is drilled into a frozen lake and their people wait patiently in beautiful natural surroundings for that thrilling moment when a fish takes the bait. Popular destinations include British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba.

4 | Canyoning and Caving

In Banff and Alberta, you can climb the sparkling walls and walk across sheets of ice. Winter transforms the crevasses and caves of Canada into a maze of magical ice caves and underground chambers which can only be explored when the ice freezes in winter. 

5 | Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is a hugely fun experience which has been part of Canada’s culture for generations. You can try dog sledding almost anywhere in Canada depending on the weather conditions at the time, as certain areas will have dog sledding seasons.

6 | Snowmobiling

For a less physically exerting challenge but with all the fun, try some snowmobiling or riding a ‘skidoo’. From Vancouver to Newfoundland, there are plenty of trails including the Trans Canada Trail which is 24,000 kilometres in length and connects one side of Canada to the other.

7 | Ice Skating

In addition to the many public ice-skating rinks (which are free to use), the December weather brings with it, frozen ponds, lakes and lagoons across the country. Stay away from anywhere with ‘thin ice’ signs but otherwise, you can usually find a great place to skate in most regions.

8 | Snowshoeing

Take a hike through the beautiful natural landscape with some snowshoes and you’ll not only enjoy the best scenery Canada has to offer, but you’ll also get a great workout. Northern Ontario, the Canadian Rockies and Whistler are very popular destinations for snowshoeing.

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