7 Ways You Can Connect with Nature as You Travel


Whether it’s making your next holiday all about reconnecting with nature, or you’d just like to do it along the way, there are many great ways you can feel at one with the outdoors during your travel adventures!

Go Camping

Camping truly gives you a front-row seat to nature, whether it’s camping by a river, on a mountain, in a field or wherever the mood and scenery take you. Camping allows you to return to the simple things in life and reevaluate your routine, such as escaping from technology and the internet and being purely in the moment to enjoy your surroundings. Camping also inspires a back-to-basics instinct in regards to food, water and cleaning, which can be very refreshing. 

Try a Fitness Retreat 

This sort of vacation can provide the opportunity for mindful exercises such as yoga and meditation, amidst beautiful surroundings. You could try fitness holidays tailored for motivational natural landscapes as a backdrop to your fitness routine. A retreat means you can escape to a natural environment whose purpose is to help you feel at one with everything again, including yourself.

Rent a Motorhome

This form of transportation and accommodation means you can pull up wherever you like to stop and take a minute to connect with where you are. Whether it’s a scenic road, a mountain view or a quick stop beside a lake, a motorhome allows you the freedom to escape to whichever natural spot you choose. 

Learn a New Skill 

An ideal way to get out into nature while you travel is to try a new activity only available outdoors. This could be something challenging which you’ve always wanted to do, such as rock climbing, hiking or snowboarding. Or, it could be something simple like an outdoor cooking class or learning more about wines at a vineyard. As long as it’s outdoors and encouraging you to learn something new, it’s a win!

connect with nature

Consider Voluntary or Charity Work 

There will be many opportunities in your travels to learn more about the environment and how to help it. You could spend a day (or however long you like) with a voluntary group, whether it’s planting trees, farming or helping outdoor wildlife – whichever activity helps with a good cause and also lets you spend time outdoors. 

Practice Mindfulness

Connecting with nature doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as sitting silently in one spot and taking it all in. You could try meditation by a lake, concentrating on the sights and sounds around you while sitting on a mountain top or taking a solitary walk through a forest or woodland. 

Escape from Technology 

Naturally, during a travel adventure, you want to stop and take as many incredible shots as you can. However, sometimes, focusing too much on what would make an excellent photo means you often can’t appreciate the beauty of the moment. Put your camera away when possible and stop to be purely in the moment, seeing with your own eyes instead of a screen. 

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