7 Tips To Throwing An Australia Inspired BBQ


If you’re looking to throw the ultimate BBQ this summer, then look no further than Australia for inspiration. The Aussies have been throwing meat onto the barbie for as long anyone can remember and along with sports, calling everyone “mate” and having an attitude to life so laid back that they could be horizontal, it’s one of their national past times.

As a result, they’ve got the fine art of the BBQ down to a tee. So, whether you are in Los Angeles or London, Vancouver or Vienna, if you want to really make a wave with your party hosting this summer, then why not bring a little taste of Down Under to your friends and family?

Here are 7 tips for throwing an Australia inspired BBQ this summer.

Cook it quick

Australia might be a laid back nation, but it’s also one that doesn’t like hanging around. That is especially true when it comes to the humble BBQ with meat which cooks the quickest being the most popular. That means that if you want a truly authentic Aussie barbie, you need to be grilling sausages and lamb rather than beef.

Sausages are the most popular food to BBQ in Australia due to their simplicity and the fact that you can simply throw them between two slices of bread and cover them in ketchup. Lamb chops are also a staple, and you could even consider going full-Aussie and getting your hands on some kangaroo or emu meat. There are lots of health benefits from eating kangaroo meat due to the fact that it is very lean and a good source of protein, iron, and zinc. It also has an extremely low-fat content, coming in at less than 2 percent, so not only will you be dishing up authentic Australian meat but you’ll be giving your guests a healthy meal at the same time.

Forget the fancy marinades

An Australian BBQ isn’t just quick; it’s easy as well. Don’t worry about any fancy marinades to throw on your meat. You can create a tasty and simple BBQ sauce by using ingredients such as garlic, parsley, lemon juice, and olive oil when cooking lamb chops. As we’ve already noted, when it comes to sausages, then you only need ketchup.

Another Aussie tradition is to sprinkle whatever you are drinking on whatever you are cooking. If you’re standing over the BBQ with a beer or glass of wine in your hand, then splash a little on top. Sometimes, you can’t beat a good drop of alcohol as a marinade.

Grill all your fruit

The Australian BBQ isn’t just restricted to meat – they love to grill fruit as well. Pineapple is the most popular fruit to throw onto the barbie. You can add mint sugar to the grilled pineapple rings for added flavor and then serve them as an accompaniment for whatever meat you are dishing up. 

Of course, there are many other fruits that you can grill on a BBQ. Depending on what meat you intend to cook, then watermelon, peaches, bananas, and grapefruit are just some of the fruits that will taste great when cooked over hot coals.

Serve pavlova for dessert

If you’ve never heard of or had pavlova before, then prepare to have your mind blow. Pavlova is considered Australia’s national dessert and is a baked meringue treat which is then topped with different fruit. Among the most popular types of pavlova are those covered in a berry combo of strawberries, blackberries or blueberries or you could use kiwis in honor of the national bird of Australia’s neighbors, New Zealand.

Whatever you go for, remember that the basic idea of the pavlova is that it is something light and sweet to follow on from the intensity of all that juicy meat. You should also ensure you have plenty of dessert wine to wash it down with, a Moscato wine being a particularly good accompaniment.

Make sure you have enough seats

Other than beer and food, one of the main reasons that Australian’s host a BBQ is to catch up with friends and family in a casual environment. They’ll have a laugh and a joke at each other’s expense and do so while sitting around together and chatting while “cracking open a cold one.”

To that end, you need to make sure you have enough seating. Nobody wants to be that person who has to perch uncomfortably on a wall or stand up for the entirety of the event. You can stock up on lightweight and casual chairs from a company like telescope patio furniture.

The dress code has to be casual

Australian’s rarely dress up at the best of times unless it is for a wedding or the famous Melbourne Cup horse racing event. That means that for the authentic Aussie BBQ, your guests need to be told to dress as casually as they want.

Vests, shorts and flip flops are to be encouraged. As we’ve already noted, the whole point in a BBQ is to be comfortable, and you can’t be comfortable if you are dressing to impress as you might at a traditional summer party in another country. Dressing down is dressing up in Australia!

Tell your guests to bring whatever they want

The final part is probably the hardest part of an Australian BBQ to embrace! Whilst in most other nations around the world you’ll find hosts who want to supply and run the whole party on their own with guests who bring nothing but themselves, Down Under it’s customary for people to turn up with whatever they want.

Sausages, pavlova, a crate of beer, a bottle of wine – your guests should be encouraged to turn up with whatever they want to bring. Don’t be worried that if 20 people all turn up with a box full of meat that you’ll have too much to eat – that’s half the beauty of the Aussie BBQ. No matter what you end up with, the challenge is to get rid of it all. Even if that means sinking 20 bottles of beer each.

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