7 Reasons to Visit Seven Mile Beach in Negril | Jamaica


Though the Caribbean is home to plenty of awe-inspiring tropical paradises, there are few that can compete with Negril, Jamaica in terms of both scenery and fun. With a massive, world-famous beach that is easily as beautiful as any other stretch of ocean on the planet, this small and friendly beach community is a rare gem that every traveler should experience at least once. With that said, here are 7 specific reasons why your next Caribbean vacation destination should be Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica:


1 | Exotic Sunsets

Situated on the furthest west side of the island, Negril is regularly home to some of the Caribbean’s best sunsets, so be sure to bring your camera and set aside some time in the evenings to really soak up the incredible shoreside view.


2 | Turquoise Waters and Secluded White Sand Beaches

As soon as you arrive at the beach, the first thing you’ll notice is how bright blue and clear the waters are. The shallow beach extends out for hundreds of yards, creating a natural pool effect that spans miles along the coastline and is perfect for snorkelling. Such spacious and welcoming beaches easily accommodate even the busiest tourist season without becoming overcrowded. On Seven Mile Beach, there’s always a secluded spot to be found.


3 | Adventurous Cliffs and Waterfalls

The nearby cliffs offer up fun activities like bungee jumping and zip lining over beautiful tropical canopies. The nearby Mayfield Falls is also a magnificent sight to behold, as are dozens of other impressive waterfalls on the island.

Mayfield Falls

4 | Friendly People and Fun Festivities

The local community in Negril, Jamaica is similar to other rural beach towns in the area – populated mostly by friendly tradesmen, five-star resorts, and entertainment venues. Overall, life in Negril is perpetually peaceful and happy, though tourists are advised to stay away from Kingston and New Kingston. However, this is very easy to do because most of the bad neighborhoods are located on the far opposite (east) side of the island.


5 | Delicious Jerk Chicken and/or Vegetarian Cuisine

If you’ve never had authentic Jamaican cuisine before, you’re in a for a real treat when you discover the seasoning of Negril’s jerk chicken and beef patties. Alternatively, there are also some remarkable vegetarian cuisine options available due to the local Rastafarian chefs who are strongly opposed to carnivorous diets.


6 | Close Proximity to Other Fun and Safe Jamaican Destinations

Of course, safety is a concern any time you’re visiting one of the Caribbean islands, as entering the wrong neighborhood could lead to less-than-fun experiences. Fortunately, Jamaica is an extremely common and relatively safe tourist destination overall, especially if you stay close to Negril and the more rural areas on the western side. There are many tourist destinations that can be dangerous if you go to the wrong areas (i.e. Mexico, South America, Middle East, Africa), and even first-world cities like London have spots that a sensible tourist shouldn’t purposefully visit.

7 | Live Music

Finally, another reason to visit Negril is to experience the birthplace of reggae music. Even if this isn’t your favorite genre, experiencing the local live bands always seems to be a nice way to mellow out the mood during an evening beach celebration.

negril music


The Best Place Jamaica Has to Offer?

If this would be your first time visiting Jamaica, we can safely say that most people find Negril to be the most enjoyable, relaxed, and scenic part of the island. It’s also considered the safest because of how far it is from the inner-city chaos of the island’s east side.

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