travel solo avoid loneliness

Take a trip alone! You will learn so much about yourself

1- Unpack

Whether you just stay a night or a month in an hostel, make yourself at home. Unpack a few things and set up your bed!!

2- Follow routines

Establish routines, carrying the same habits to different places can bring welcome consistency to an unstructured life. My evening routine- writting my travel journal!!

3- Set up a home base

If you have no idea about what’s going to happen in your trip, spend a bit more time in one place that you feel comfortable (I use that to wash clothes, check gear, relax).. Is good just do “normal” things during the trip.. This can avoid “homesickness”

4 – Ease into eating alone

That’s a hard one, I guess. Try to choose informal places to eat, usually they have common tables. Bringing a book, or go to the supermarket buy some food and make a picnic!!! you’ll not feel alone!

5 – Join other travelers

If you travel by yourself, you have bigger chances to know more people. join them for a couple of days!

6- Just let yourself feel lonely.

Instead of seeking to escape feeling lonely, try it. It’s a great chance for know yourself!!

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