6 Designer-Approved Suite Stylings To Attract Travellers In Your Hotel


The suite is one of the most luxurious rooms in the hotel. Many people prioritize by spending extra time and money to get a suite rather than any common room like the executive room, king-size room, queen-size room and a few more of that type leaving the expenses behind especially for the suite to experience finer details that would provide added comfort.

The suite is where one would want to wake up and get all ready for the plans to be carried throughout the day; it is also where one would finish their day and crush themselves after all the tiredness on the bed. In all, it’s a room that should be decorated to promote relaxation and intimacy. It should be their safe haven away from the havoc of the outside world. There are many quick fixes that don’t cost a lot but can change the aura of the room.

Transform Your suite with These Six Design Tips:

There is an endless number of things that can be done to transform the suite from ho-hum to spectacular! The management can choose a simple fix like changing the paint colour or adding a throw rug and more invasive fixes such as adding a fireplace. Here are a few decorating tips that will hopefully inspire you to make bookings to your dream suite for your trip.

1 | Upgrade!

Upgrade the linens, pillows and bedding. There’s nothing more luxurious than ending the day in a cozy bed with beautiful, soft bedding with a high thread count for added comfort. Adding matching curtains is an added plus in pulling the entire room together.

2 | Choose the bed wisely

Determine what size of the bed is best for the suite. The best suite got to have the best right? Hence, it wouldn’t be right to put a California king-sized bed into any regular room. The better option would be adding a queen mattress that is accompanied with nightstands, dressers and other decorative touches that make the suite come alive.

how to style your suites

3 | Add a fireplace

Adding a fireplace to the suite can be the best part of the suite along with the chimney installed. If you lack space than you can install a portable fireplace and even fireplaces that can be hung on the wall like a picture. All these options are great for cold winter nights as they all put out heat. They also provide beautiful lighting for romantic evenings.

4 | Add up more accessories

Accessorize with live plants, flowers, candles or beautiful pottery. Adding a plant or flowers are very easy additions that can add warmth to the suite. If the management wishes to add candles or pottery or other decorative pieces, they can get them in contrasting colours or the same colour as your bedding for a cohesive look.

5 | Colour Contrast

Add some interest to the suite by either painting a wall a contrasting colour, adding rustic panelling, having a mural painted, added marble tiles or even adding a quilted panel instead of a headboard will make the suite come alive.

6 | Choose your lighting wisely 

Having the right lighting in your suite can create the perfect ambience. Adding a dimmer to existing lighting, installing recessed lighting, adding decorator lamps and candles will make a sterile room seem more inviting and will be a great set after a tiring day.

Remember, you don’t always have to completely overhaul your suite unless you have the budget and wherewithal to do so! If you are yearning for a change but are on a strict budget, you can add a fresh coat of paint, add some pretty pillows on the bed, change the pictures on the wall and a new duvet or bedspread for a fast, easy and affordable suite upgrade. Such things will also attract travellers for sure.


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