6 Most Visited Places in Melbourne That Gets New Tourists Attraction


There are a lot of great places for you to go in Melbourne when you are trying to enjoy tourist attractions, and you have to make sure that you have found places that will make you feel most comfortable with the trip.  You want to get to places that are newly popular and you have seen online.  Plus, you need the number of a towing company like https://www.fastmelbournetowing.com.au/.  The best part of this is that you always know you have someone who can help you when you have rented a car to drive around the city and see all the sites without taking a taxi.  Each of the six will be good for the soul.

1 | Federation Square

Federation Square is the centre of the city where all the modern architecture abounds.  It is also the place where you can easily walk through and take some amazing    However, once you get there, you will be surrounded by people and cars along with the modern architecture that you absolutely have to see.  This is a great place to go when you want to see what a modern city will look like.  

federation square melbourne
There’s always something going on at Fed Square

2 | Royal Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanical Gardens are the best place to go to see the flowers and the natural fauna of the area.  There are many people who would like to come here to get out of the heat and see the true beauty of the area.  You can walk around with a tour guide, or you could simply walk around to pass the time.

Royal botanic gardens melbourne
Breathe deep and fill your lungs with the goodness of the freshest air from the heart of Melbourne city centre.

3 | Cricket Ground And National Sports Museum

The cricket ground and sports museum is a great place for people to go because they would like to see what sport has been like in Australia.  You can see matches at the cricket ground, and you could even come into the city during the World Cup or a qualifier.  

cricket ground in melbourne
The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), also known simply as “The G”

4 | Melbourne Park

Melbourne Park is the place where they host the Australian Open tennis tournament, and the race track hosts the Grand Prix.  There are a number of people who would like to come here for the races, and it is a gorgeous place to go when you are there for the tennis tournament.  The facility is massive, and it is a beautiful park to behold.  

5 | Southbank And Arts Centre 

The Arts Centre and the Southbank are a place to see concerts and the finest of artwork in the area.  You can go to Outdoor concerts from your favourite bands, or you can go to the Arts Centre to see concerts from the orchestras that you have come to love.

Art centre in melbourne
Australia’s largest performing arts venue.

6 | National Gallery Of Victoria 

The National Gallery of Victoria is a great place for you to go when you would to see gorgeous art and roam around with a tour guide.  This is a quiet and beautiful location that has curated some of the most amazing artifacts from all around the world.  Plus, this is a point of national pride because this is the gallery that holds all the best art in all of Australia.  Each location will complete a lovely trip abroad.

Tourist Attractions Melbourne_national gallery
The great hall of the national gallery in Melbourne


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