5 Top US Locations for Those Who Want a Haunted Halloween


The United States is one of the countries that always looks to outdo every year’s holidays by doing something more extravagant each time. One of the holidays that is celebrated across the country is Halloween and this year it falls on a Wednesday. Though it is a weekday, you better believe that the night will be filled with costumes, candy, parties, and scary attractions across the country. For this reason, in this article D. Scott Carruthers will be discussing the top five locations in the United States to be if you want to have a really haunted Halloween night.


5 Top US Locations for Those Who Want a Haunted Halloween

As mentioned in the introduction, there are plenty of locations offering a scary night, but there are five in particular that you cannot miss (for your information, these locations have been selected and ranked by real statistics like how well trick-or-treaters are treated, costume stores and haunted houses/hotels, and how well the weather will be during the night):

  • New York City
  • Jersey City
  • Los Angeles
  • Irvine
  • San Diego

It seems that the states of New York and California are the best in the country to celebrate Halloween, and we don’t blame them. Home to Hollywood and Times Square, these two states are also some of the wealthiest states in the country and could be countries all by themselves. New York City comes in at first because of it has the most costume, candy, and chocolate stores compared to the other cities on this list.

Jersey City is ranked at number two because though it does not beat New York in costume, candy, and chocolate stores, it does beat everyone on the list due to the friendliness of the city towards people who are trick or treating. Los Angeles may as well be tied for first or second place since Knotts Scary farm is so close to everyone in the city, there are tons of costume shops, and you better believe that Rodeo Dr and Sunset Blvd. will be full of professionally designed costumes. Coming in fourth and fifth place, Irvine and San Diego will be amazing destinations if you want to see how colleges celebrate their Halloween. Overall, no matter what side of the country you are located in, Halloween will be celebrated.


In conclusion, in this article D. Scott Carruthers provided the top five locations in the United States to be on the thirty first of October, Halloween. Though there are hundreds of locations that will be offering scary attractions, the ones we mentioned were selected off of statistics based on how many costume, candy, and chocolate stores are found per capita in the selected city, the tick or treat friendliness, and how many haunted houses or hotels can be found by city or neighbourhoods. It doesn’t matter where you live, or whether you are going out for Halloween, you can have a haunted Halloween by simply watching the latest scary movie at a theater, or renting it on Netflix.

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