5 Tools Bloggers and Entrepreneurs Should Have But Didn’t Know They Needed


Bloggers and entrepreneurs run their businesses in extremely similar manners. Whether it’s targeting the right audience, reviewing your web stats, or just staying organized there are a lot of aspects of your business you need to take into account.

This guide is going to cover the tools all bloggers and entrepreneurs need to know about to run a great business.

1. MailChimp

You need an email list platform you can put your trust in. One of the most reputable options is MailChimp because of the huge number of features it offers and the reasonable pricing packages, which is based on the number of people you have on your list.

Create new campaigns and review your stats for each campaign you can craft the newsletter that gets the highest level of engagement.

MailChimp is reliable and it has been around for years, so it’s perfect for both bloggers and entrepreneurs.

2. CrazyEgg

Both bloggers and entrepreneurs will spend a long time trying to put together the best landing page. This is how you’ll drive traffic and generate sales.

CrazyEgg is an excellent tool for tracking not only the basic stats on your landing page but what users are doing when they land on your page.

You’ll be able to experiment based on the stats you get from this app.

3. LeadPages

Speaking of landing pages, you should avoid building a landing page like any other page. This is a different type of webpage and you should treat it as such.

LeadPages is a tool that comes with a variety of slick designs that have been proven to work.

Of course, you can customize it however you please, but these designs are good starting points if you’re building landing pages for the first time.

4. Profisee

Over time you’ll generate a huge amount of data on your visitors and the functions of your website. It’s easy to get this data confused with different lists and versions. Anyone who runs a newsletter list understands the difficulties of managing duplicate data.

Profisee provides an easy master data management solution. The importance of master data management is in keeping everything clean and knowing about everything, including which of your customer groups are the most profitable.

5. Evernote

Ideas could come at you at any time. Writing them down in various places almost guarantees that you will lose them sooner or later. Evernote is perfect because you can install it on any mobile device and anything you write will be uploaded to the cloud to keep it safe and in one place.

Entrepreneurs dealing directly with clients can also convert their notes into a screen-ready presentation.

6. Albacross

One of the greatest challenges business owners meet is decreasing the number of those who leave their websites unconverted and turning them into leads. Tracking website visitors, knowing who they are and what they are up to, is essential to any business’ success.

Albacross is exactly the tool for this purpose. It’s an efficient B2B lead generation platform that handles gathering multiple pieces of information about your website visitors. You’ll get a comprehensive profile on each company interested in your business. This report includes such data as which pages they’ve visited, where they spent the most time, and the company’s leaders along with their contact details.

Last Word – Running Your Business How it Should Be Run

These tools will help you reach your potential when it comes to running your business. Whether you want to get more organized or know more about your target market, they will help you to do it quickly and easily.

Do you have any other tools that you think will help you to run your business better?

Author Bio: Mark Alvarado is a freelance writer, blogger, and serial entrepreneur.

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