5 Tips To Help You Travel Further For Less


In Sweden

1. Get organised

Once we’re on the road, we don’t like to have a set schedule. After all we’re on holidays. Before we leave it is a different story. We do plenty of research into the cheapest flights and the best stopovers. We don’t book all of our accommodation but we always have some booked for the first nights in new places or in tourist destinations during peak times. Know the best way to get around cheaply. Train can sometimes be excellent but it also can be more expensive… Again, booking ahead in some countries in Europe can save you a lot of money.

  2. Leave the crowds behind

Luckily for us, the best deals are found further away from the tourist trails and these are the spots we love! Heading to new places or ones not as famous not only enables you to experience more affordable things, it also can offer unique experiences that only comes from getting to know some locals. Paul and I have often stayed with families in small places and ended up being given the inside word on where to eat and had free tours to great lakes or beaches not found in any Lonely Planet or similar travel guide! With most of the world speaking some English and transport improving, it is becoming easier- take an educated risk and explore…

3. Travel coupons and deals

Where else could I buy a $20 whale watching trip and a $15 kayak lesson but online? There are great deals online with companies that you don’t necessarily get through a hotel or travel agency. I often check Cuponation offers as they have affordable and exclusive experiences that don’t hurt the wallet. A regular check of your options, especially if you are flexible with some days and your itinerary, you can end up with a great travel experience with a price over 50% off the normal costs…

4. Forget about your home food

Travel is about new experiences. While you may be a little unsure of some of the things you see on your plate, local dishes are by far the cheapest option. Steer clear of dishes with water and salad can also be risky but the other options, even from street vendors are cheap, delicious and are usually no more risky for your stomach than any other option in a fancy restaurant.

 5. Connect with friends not your bank

I am surprised how often I come across people who are spending crazy amounts of money to stay connected in their home country. Internet cafes have Skype with webcams all set up and are really cheap. Viber has saved us on many occasions! Do some research on specialist companies for international phone calls if you wish to call home or friends and the rates won’t put a dent into your savings for heading out to do the things you really want to do. Many cafes in cities now offer free wireless internet. What a great way to take a break- order a coffee and send your emails and check facebook with no added cost!

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