5 Tips for Travel Photography


Memories of your travels will last a lifetime, but great photos are far easier to share with your friends and family and they also become one of your treasures!

These are tricks of the trade by a photographer – Zé Vidal, who has been helping me to get better photos while on the road. I’ve tried and tested these tips when capturing my travel moments on camera. These are all specific tips related to travel photography to help you  capture your moments more efficiently & effectively.


Pack light

You are going to travel! You don’t want to feel like shoulders or back pain just from carrying too much while walking in the narrow streets of Morocco’s souks or climbing Mount Fuji. So do some research about the country, city and monuments that you are going to visit before packing your camera gear. If you’re going to a big city maybe a camera with a wide or standard lens is enough (even a compact camera!) so you can be silent, walk freely and capture the big monuments or the life on a busy street. If you are going to a more wild area like a desert, mountain or a jungle you might consider bringing a telephoto lens for the extra reach on some exotic animals and far away landscapes.

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Be friendly with the locals (and other tourists)

You should always ask for permission while taking a portrait of a stranger (and that must certainly happen while travelling). You can try to speak in their language or English but sometimes a subtle nod and a smile can do the job. You can even start a small conversation and in the end he/she might show a cool place to visit or even stay in touch after the trip.

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Be patient and creative

I know that you’re travelling and every minute counts if you want to see everything. But if you are like that you will need some kind of vacation after this one. Stay patient if the weather is bad or the light is not enough for photos and stop for a minute to think. You can either wait inside a lovely bookstore and the sun might come up or be creative and play with the elements (rain, snow) and take some photos. Great photos were already taken under harsh conditions and yours can be the next!

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Shoot, Shoot, Shoot!

If you are travelling, you probably won’t come back as soon as you wish to that place so it will change be the time you come back. So take a lot of photos! Your ride, where you staying and the streets (paths or trees if you are in the jungle) that you are taking to discover the museum or small coffee shop that you always remember. (When you’re back home you can delete them if they turn out bad photos or that weird street led to… nothing.)

Ze Vidal Photography_1

Have fun and enjoy

Have fun while travelling and taking photos. It’s time to enjoy your travel, your company and your photography. And don’t worry too much if something goes wrong with your photos, it’s just a photo! You have your eyes, your memories and if so, another excuse to comeback.

Ze Vidal Photography_1

This article was written by Zé Vidal.

Zé Vidal is a young portuguese photographer and landscape architect. Interested in photography since he was 14 when he first took a course for initiate black and white film photography. Since then, Zé is shooting a variety of things from live music photography to travel. Now his everyday goal is satisfying clients in theirs photo sessions and events.


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