5 Things to Pack When Traveling to the US on a Sports Scholarship


So, you’ve scored a baseball scholarship with the help of Athletes USA, and are preparing to head to the US to start a whole new chapter in your life.  This is a very exciting time, but one thing that most students struggle with is knowing what to pack.  The general rule is “not too much” as you’ll be able to buy most things once you arrive.  However, below is a list of five essentials that every sports student will need.


1 | Photos

Living away from home as an international sports scholarship student can be quite hard.  You may be having a great time during the day, but when you’re home alone at night, loneliness can begin to kick in.  Although you’ll hopefully meet plenty of new friends, it always helps to have some photos of your loved ones in your dorm or apartment.  They’ll help to brighten your room and remind you that you have people who love you back at home.


2 | Medication and Medical Records

When you land in the United States you will need to get medical insurance and sign up with a doctor.  To make the process easier, bring along any prescription medication that you currently take as well as your medical records.  If you have glasses or contact lenses on prescription, it’s wise to bring these along as well.


3 | Cash

While your home country’s debit and credit cards should work fine in the United States, it’s a good idea to bring some cash too just in case there are any problems.  If you’re not too keen on carrying cash on your person, you could always opt for travelers checks instead.  You could also open a US bank account before you arrive and transfer some money there.  Most campuses have ATMs on them, however do bear in mind that you may have to pay a transaction fee for using an international card; this will depend on your bank.


4 | Sports Clothes

Although there are plenty of places where you can buy sports clothes in the USA, it’s a good idea to bring some along with you too.  Your own running shoes are a must as these will be comfortable and won’t need to be broken in.  You may also want to bring any sports underwear that you need, as well as any lucky items that have “helped” you win games in the past.


5 | Laptop, Cell Phone and Travel Plugs

Finally, you’ll also want to bring along your own laptop, cell phone and travel plugs.  US laptops have different keyboards to other countries, so you’ll want to use something that you’re used to.  Most cell phones can be unlocked and you can easily get a SIM card once in the United States.  Travel plugs are a must-have item as they will enable you to use your international devices in the plug sockets in the United States.

Hopefully this packing list has helped.  Good luck with your scholarship!

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