5 Things to Do in New South Wales, Australia


New South Wales, commonly abbreviated as NSW, is distinguished by its natural beauty and iconic coastal cities. The latter includes none other than Sydney, where most of the state’s 7.5 million people reside. From dazzling beaches to scenic wineries to outback towns and even rainforests, The Premier State has plenty to offer. 

But this is far from all that makes Australia’s oldest state a worthwhile visit. Beyond the capital city’s world-class restaurants, galleries and museums is a destination full of surprises. Rocky mountains, sprawling deserts, and coral reefs await. So, where does one begin? Consider the following 5 things to do during your stay in New South Wales.

Blue Mountains

Located just 65 kilometres west of Sydney, the Blue Mountains have been a tourist favourite for over a century. Nature lovers will be enthralled by the steeply-rising rock formations, combining a range of gorges, waterfalls and sacred sites to create a uniquely magnificent attraction. There are also caves to explore, trails to hike, and cliffs to climb. 


Of course, no visit to NSW would be complete without a few days in Sydney. Aside from the famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge, you’ll find a countless list of festivals, galleries, restaurants, and museums worth visiting. The Royal Botanic Gardens are also a must-see. Don’t forget about Bondi Beach and the Hawkesbury River. 


If you feel like taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the inner city, the suburb of Sutherland is a great option. Head to the Cronulla Beach Walk for clear blue waters and eye-candy views before getting lost in the Waterhouse National Camellia Gardens. 

For a truly relaxing experience, consider visiting a massage therapist in New South Wales, Australia. Trinacria Health Therapy is a popular choice, with locations in both Sutherland and Wollongong. Once you’re all chilled-out, you can finish your tour of Sutherland with a visit to the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery.

Norfolk Island

This charming holiday resort was once home to a brutal convict colony. Today, it’s a little more peaceful, with a range of museums that delve into the island’s rich history. Scenic biking and hiking trails are also on offer, as well as plenty of birding sites. Head to the beach to dive, swim and snorkel your way through the clear waters. 

Snowy Mountains

Australia is probably the last place you’d expect to see any snow-capped peaks, but that’s exactly what you’ll find along the Great Dividing Range. It’s home to the largest mountains on the continent, including the 2,228-metre-tall Mount Kosciuszko. There’s something for everyone here, including a range of summer activities. 

If you’re not heading to the Snowy Mountains for a winter skiing session, you’ll be glad to know that there’s plenty to do on warmer days. This includes bushwalking, mountain climbing, horseback riding, biking and a range of water sports. Noteworthy locations include Perisher Valley, Mount Blue Cow, and Charlotte Pass. 

These are just some of the countless destinations to explore during your visit to New South Wales. Be sure to plan your trip carefully, as you’ll find that the state has more than enough to offer. 

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