5 Things to consider while arranging a river boat cruise party


Going on the cruise for the first can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There is no doubt that river cruise parties are the best for all ages and types of people; there is no chance that you wouldn’t enjoy it. The best part of the boat cruise is – you don’t have to unpack your bags in a new hotel every night. The pleasures of a river cruise are many, the sound of the water, beautiful scenery of skyline, good food and drinks are some of them.

A few days back, I myself ventured out with my colleagues to celebrate a special occasion aboard one of Yarra River Cruises in Melbourne, and as always it was exceptional. The beauty of the Yarra River was mesmerising as ever. I love these trips and I rarely miss them whenever I am in this city. I have been off and on these cruises for celebrating personal and private occasions and through these trips, I have learned some tips and tricks that make them even more great. Here are the best five of them for you to learn: 

Book Wisely

You have to do quite a lot of research before you book a cruise. You have to think of what kind of cruise boat you want to be on, what is the timing you want to the party to be organised over the cruise. Talk these options with your local boat cruise party organiser. They usually offer a wide range of choices and may even provide customised solutions for you and your team (if you are going with your gang). Take your time and choose wisely. 

Bargain for discounts 

No matter the brand and exclusivity, one thing that remains true is as a customer its your right to request for discounts. Yes, discounts. Don’t shy for requesting any discounts you can get in the cruise package – maybe in monetary terms and additional services they can add to your packages. Keep your eyes open for these perks. You can get drink vouchers or maybe some bigger surprise from the tour operator. So, after you finished discussing your package requirements, press for some discounts. 

Pick your favourite menu 

Melbourne boat cruises are all about partying and having a great time. And with great time, great food is necessary. While booking a party, get some ideas you’re your team members or the loved ones who are accompanying you about their delicacies and foot type they love. I agree that you can have everyone’s favourite on the table (but seriously why not if you are paying), but you definitely can discuss the prospect with the organiser and the cost that it would incur to you. If they can arrange it for you within your budget, that’s all you need. But discussing your menu needs are absolutely important! 

Look out for transportation 

The worst thing to do after a great party or time out is to get a ticket for DUI. Believe me it is the worst thing to happen to you or your friends that made the cruise party a hit. I have been there! So, the best thing you can do is to save yourself and others from the embarrassment by saving some dollars on the party and invest that in arranging a luxurious party bus to drop the team home. This will ensure that no one has to worry about getting wasted or being ticketed or the worst – getting into road rash. Usually, the tour organisers arrange for transportation, talk to them – having the same team arrange transportation can save you some extra bucks. 

Coordinate timings and dress code with your team 

These are two important things that you should not miss out at all, if you are organising a corporate or work cruise party. You should inform your team members of the expected dress code (if any) and the time at which they should show up at the party or at the pickup point (if you have arranged for a pick up and drop facility). Along with that also send them the phone number of the organisers so that they can coordinate if there are any unlooked for delays. It is a great excitement to have all the team members assemble at the venue at the same time and start it with a big bang. 

About the Author:

Rosemary Kobe is a homemaker who loves to play with her twin-toddlers and travel with her husband across Australia. After exploring Melbourne, now she is in the hunt of the best burgers in Sydney. If you know one – let her know at rosemariikobe@gmail.com

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