5 Reasons to Travel Australia


Australia is a country that is on many people’s bucket list, so you may feel like you don’t need any excuses to travel here. But for the people who are concerned about the distance and expense, this post is here to talk you round and get you on board for visiting one of the most incredible countries on Earth. Here are just five reasons to book a flight to Australia as soon as you can!


A Host of Beautiful Beaches

With over 10,000 beaches in the country, there is no shortage of spots where you can soak up the sunshine and maybe catch a couple of waves. One of the most iconic spots in the world is Bondi Beach in Sydney, which is packed with people all year round. For watersports, you can’t get much better than the beaches on the famous Gold Coast. A little more off the beaten track, Cable Beach in Broome is the place to go if you are looking to enjoy the sunset while riding on a camel’s back!


It is Stunningly Beautiful

From national parks covered in rainforest to unique rock formations in the outback, Australia is without a doubt a stunning country to visit. Just take a look at these Australian travel Instagram accounts if you are in any doubt! As for the mountains, though they may not be top of many explorer’s lists, they are accessible for all kinds of people without having to train for weeks and weeks.


Unique Wildlife

The exotic animals that are only found in Australia are a big draw for many people. Kangaroos and koalas take most of the plaudits, but there are all kinds of mammals, reptiles, fish, and insects that you can come face to face with. And let’s not forget the Great Barrier Reef – the world’s biggest structure made by living organisms that is home to thousands of different species.


Cultural Exploration

The major cities in Australia are hubs of culture with plenty of art, theatre, music, food and drink to enjoy for every taste. There are hundreds of festivals that take place throughout the country every year, ranging from ones that take place over a few hours to ones that last for several days so you can really take your pick. And despite it being a relatively new country, there is still a lot of interesting history to take in.


A Good Destination for Travel Novices

For people who aren’t experienced travellers, Australia is a great destination as there are plenty of great bus routes, road connections and affordable domestic flights. It is a clean and friendly country where you won’t experience any language barriers (besides deciphering some of the thicker accents!). As well as this, there is a wide range of accommodation options for people with all types of budget.

So, these five reasons have hopefully convinced you that Australia really is a destination for everyone from city dwellers to nature lovers. 


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