5 Fun and Eco-Friendly Getaways in Australia



While most of us think of holidays as a great way to pamper ourselves and our families, it’s also possible to use our time away from home as an opportunity to take care of Mother Earth. Throughout Australia, there are heaps of places where we can enjoy a much-needed holiday in an eco-friendly way.

Queensland: For the Nature Lover

If you’ve always dreamed of sleeping in a treehouse, you will get to experience just that and more during a holiday getaway at Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat. There, you can get away from it all in a sturdy treehouse constructed from poles and timbers. While you’re not busy re-living your childhood hanging out in one of the retreat’s nine treehouses, you and your mates can spend time marveling at the surrounding and spectacular mountain scenery and rainforest. Head out on one of the many walking tracks that wind their way around the 230 acre property—who knows, you might even come across a platypus or two along the way. The eco-conscious owners of the property have planted over 20,000 trees, and they attempt to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. In addition, over 160 species of colourful birds call the region home, which makes it an ideal spot for bird lovers of all ages.

In order to prepare for a holiday at Rose Gums, it would probably be best to pack as lightly as you can, so you don’t have to lug heavy bags up to your tree-top accommodations. If you only have large and clunky luggage, consider checking out the selection of duffel bags from Wayfair. This retailer provides eco-friendly options to fit the bill for your sustainable holiday.


Queensland: For the Camper

Looking for a little outdoor R&R? Pitch a tent at Mt. Barney Campground. Only 90 minutes from the Gold Coast or Brisbane, Mt. Barney is host to ancient rainforests, volcanic remnant, and is touted as one of Australia’s Top 10 Wild Places. Enjoy the local swimming holes and creek access, hiking and bush walking and most importantly, enjoy the outdoor air. There is minimal cell reception, and WiFi is not available, making this is perfect opportunity to connect with nature.

Fees are minimal at $14 per person, each night, but reservations fill up quick—there is self-capped sustainable number of 100 campers at all times. Sorry, no furry friends are welcome here.

Queensland: For the Romantic

If you and your love just want to spend some time together, Lyola Pavilions in the Forest is sure to have what you are looking for. The property, which boasts incredible views, is a terrific place to de-stress and unwind. The two pavilions, which are nicknamed “Hide” and “Seek” allow you to sit back and enjoy the sounds of water running over the rocks of the rainforest while taking in a breathtaking sunset. You and your beloved can spend time in the aromatherapy spa, read some of your favourite books, or just relax on comfy chairs that overlook a gurgling stream. In addition to being self-sufficient with its water source—Lyola Pavilions utilises rainwater—and using solar energy, the owners use provisions from local suppliers as much as possible.


New South Wales: For Couples

Located within the peaceful and tranquil Australian Bush, Cougal Park Bed & Breakfast is a wonderful place to soothe your tired soul and relax amongst a backdrop Eucalypt forest and rainforest, bursting with natural wildlife. Only a two hour drive from Brisbane, this B&B provides home cooked meals with farm to table ingredients and vegetables. The house features three suites. Each includes a spacious bedroom, large bath and verandah.

Cougal Park in partner with National Parks is committed to the preservation and restoration of the diverse ecosystems that can be found on the property, by providing safe habitats for all wildlife, including endangered species.


New South Wales: For Families

For mums and dads who are looking for a family-friendly place to spend their holiday, a stay at Eaglereach Wilderness Resort is a top choice. The 640 acre resort features a huge variety of animals and plants that the entire family will love to see, and photograph, including kangaroos, wallabies and goannas. Wildlife is treated with the utmost of respect at Eaglereach. There are strict rules about no hunting and shooting, trail bike restrictions and a strict no pets policy. All of these rules are in place to ensure that all guests at Eaglereach—whether they walk on two legs or four—can flourish in a safe habitat. The resort also utilises rainwater for its guests, as well as its 11 metre swimming pool, which kids love to swim and splash in.

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