4 Non-Selfie Ways To Use A Selfie Stick



I own a selfie stick. There you go – I said it. I’m out and proud.

Love it or hate it, 2015 has been, without a doubt, the year of the selfie. Whether you were standing in front of the Sydney Opera House or showing off your new haircut, everyone across your social media networks knew exactly what you were up to in 2015.

However, you can also use a selfie sticks in non- selfie ways. Here are some ideas:

1. Capture Beautiful Background

For us that love traveling, we come across beautiful and astonishing scenery. It’s quite hard to snap a photo whereby both you and the beautiful scenery are in the picture. This is when your selfie stick comes in handy – the extended stick allows you to take photos from quite a distance.

background outback

2. For Posterity’s Sake

OK, you don’t have to appear in every single photo. But it might be nice to have at least some record of what you looked like while you were on this grand adventure.

You could hold your phone up and capture a photo of an enormous head near a small cultural icon. Or you could extend a little stick you pull out of your bag and snap a few quick photos that might actually look good. Slide it back in your bag, and you’re on your way.

3. Take Photos From Unique Angles

The extension pole and the angles of the mount can give you the ability to shoot from way up high, or way down low. You can also get to hard to reach places. It is also awesome to take photos of wildlife!

photo wildlife

4. Snap Above The Crowd

Lost in a crowd of people? Use your selfie stick as a periscope. Raise it, with phone/ GoPro attached, above the sea of heads so you can snap interesting angles of a stage or indeed the crowd itself.

If you’re at a national park consider a selfie stick for low-down angles of wildlife or vegetation.

snap above the crowds

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