Island vacations with family provide a very happy feeling. In addition to solitude, islands feature many water- and beach-related attractions, which are also highly prized by vacationers. Every Island has its own beauty and a lot of things to do.


Picnic with the family and friends to nearby beach will be very enjoyable. There’s nothing better than rolling our trousers up for a paddle, feeling the sand between our toes, and spending the day breathing in the sea air. There’ll be plenty of fun to join in with from sand sculpture competitions. Children can participate in the fishing contest followed by beach volley ball match by the elders.  Coffee or a sparkling wine followed by lunch will make the atmosphere of picnic more enjoyable. It will be a great day out for all the family to enjoy.

Along with picnic I will enjoy wind surfing with the strong trade winds which is very fabulous on the island’s enormous beaches.
I will also do deep sea fishing with my friends  by hiring boat which will be very enjoyable.
I prefer camp rather to stay in hotel, as this will brings me very near to nature. It will bring kindred spirits, and gives back some time to be together, away from the clutter and stress of daily life.


Memories of vacations with family at Island is one of the happy memories. It will provide me opportunities to capture beautiful pictures as a remembrance for whole life. I will go to the beach for sunbathing and let my children to play beach games like mini golf, horseback riding. We will also visit island zoo having different species of animals and fishes. This will be also a source of knowledge for children. Shopping at the island will make memorable moment. Education centers at the island will also be visited by me, for my interest in the gaining new knowledge. Visit to Provincial park with family is another event to be enjoyed. Island seems to provide just the right magical mix of nostalgia and fun, with an ease of access and minimum hassle. An Island family vacation is designed to be as wholesome and uncomplicated as an ice-cream cone on a summer afternoon.


Being health conscious, before sunrise I will prefer to meditate in one corner of the of silent area of the beach as health and wellness rejuvenates our mind, body and soul. Apart from this I will also prefer to play golf for some time and devote some time on yoga. Island exploration is best done on two wheels to really get a good understanding of the island and to cover as much of it as you can in the short time you have to visit. As cycling also plays a great role to make the body fit. After exercise I prefer to take juice as it will help to maintain body well.


With my friends I will also visit dense rain forest filled with exotic plants and unusual creatures. Colorful birds as well as other unique species provide easy shots for camera. It will also provide me opportunity to have a look on flying squirrels, gibbons, and rare jungle rhinos and beauty of water falls. The Climate is usually warm and humid when you are not under the protective cover of the canopy, the sun will be quite strong.
I present ideas to empower the company  to make people who are interested in making vacations to Island, how to enjoy the same with their family and friends.
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