4 Fantastic Ways To Have Fun On A Helicopter Ride


There is no better way than to make your trip to Sydney a stand out occasion than by taking a helicopter tour to gain a whole new perspective on this vibrant city.

Chartering a helicopter is so accessible that it’s possible for everyone to ride in style for a very reasonable price and make treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

See the city from above, fly over golden beaches or follow the coastline all the way to the Hunter Valley and Blue Mountains to experience the wonder of Australia’s raw and rugged majesty from the skies.

There are a wide variety of destinations and packages to choose from to suit many tastes and interests. Contacting the tour owners directly or browsing past reviews on TripAdvisor may yield even more suggestions for helicopter rides in Sydney that you may never have previously imagined were possible.


Take a Night Flight

For something completely different, consider taking a twilight or night flight and view the city from above as it sparkles and glistens below you. Sydney is a vibrant city by day or by night.

Depending on the time of year you happen to be staying, there may be festivals or special events that would be fantastic when viewed from the air. The Vivid festival usually takes place around May or June is a particularly spectacular event that sees colourful images projected onto many of the cities buildings and landmarks, making a gigantic canvas of illuminated artistry. This unique extravaganza holds the title of Australia’s best Tourism Event and is something truly worth experiencing from a perspective that many will simply never have the privilege to witness.



Become the Eye in the Sky

Bring along your camera equipment and experience Sydney aerial photography at its finest. Be sure to charge and organise all your equipment beforehand. If you have a friend or partner that can help you juggle your equipment and change camera lenses that can be a great help. Don’t forget to bring the biggest telephoto lens you can muster as it will help you take even better photographs.

It’s also possible to pre-book a helicopter that has had its doors removed for completely unobstructed views and the chance to capture images never to be forgotten.


4 Fantastic Ways To Have Fun On A Helicopter Ride

Wildly Wonderful Landscapes

Have a helicopter whisk you away to set down in the mountains for a picnic lunch far from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Australia is host to some of the most beautiful bush land in the world and there is no more intimate way to appreciate it than by swooping from above and landing in a stunning location for morning or afternoon tea in a natural setting.



Delicious Gourmet Dining

Australia’s premier wine region, the Hunter Valley, is easily accessible via a short 50 minute helicopter flight from Sydney. Making a wonderful day trip, this option includes dining in style by providing a gourmet lunch at one of the most prestigious vineyards in the country and a chance to taste some of Australia’s finest wines available.

Seeing all that Sydney has to offer close up from the comfort of a helicopter is an experience not to be missed and is very easy to arrange. Take the opportunity to see the city in a whole new light and add an element of adventure that will lift your journey to amazing new heights!

4 Fantastic Ways To Have Fun On A Helicopter Ride

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